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From volcanoes to cities

Gleaming green spaces, majestic volcanoes, quaint villages, cheese specialities to die for… here is a teaser of what you can expect to enjoy in Auvergne! But nature and gastronomy aren’t the only things the region can boast about. Lyon, capital of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region since 2015, radiates energy and beauty. One more reason (as though it wasn’t enough) to choose it as your next holiday spot. We bet you’ll have lots to write on your postcard from Auvergne! 

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What to see and do

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Ardèche is doubtless one of the most precious gems in the region. An ideal setting for your holiday with family, friends, as a couple or solo. Keen on hiking? You’ll love the superb regional natural park of the Monts d’Ardèche. More into water sports? Head for the Ardèche gorge and the Pont d’Arc to enjoy a swim or a kayak sesh in idyllic surroundings. Also make sure not to miss the Ray-Pic waterfall, the prehistoric caves or Vogüé ou Balazuc, two of France’s most beautiful villages.

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After your nature break, you wouldn’t mind a bit of culture? Make your way to Lyon, France’s Capital of Lights and third biggest city, population-wise. Whether you’re here for the weekend or more, you can be sure you won’t get bored. Start by visiting Lyon’s old town, the Saint-Jean-Baptiste cathedral and the famous passageways connecting the buildings. Then head for the Croix-Rousse and Fourvière hills with, at its top, the monumental Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière, watching over the city. Last but not least, have a gourmet end to your day in a “bouchon” lyonnais, a typical regional restaurant. Make sure to ask for grattons, quenelles or cervelle de canuts! 

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The Auvergne volcanoes

If we had to pick one symbol of Auvergne, it would be its volcanoes. Their importance and beauty is such that they are their own regional natural park. Its famous chaîne des Puys is part of the UNESCO World Heritage. Hiking lovers will be wowed by the breathtaking landscapes at the top of the puy de Sancy and puy de Dôme. Want to make sure the kids are happy to? Take them for day of fun at Vulcania, an explosive theme park!

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What to do in Auvergne ? 3 activity ideas

Release your inner explorer  

The Auvergne region is a land of volcanoes and hills and, as such, it is the ideal place to quench your thirst for adventure and chase thrills. How about paragliding above the puy de Dôme or casting off aboard a hot-air balloon above the Puy de Sancy? Explore and get an adrenaline boost at the same time, Daniel Defoe style! 

Go super cheesy 

You always say that cheese is the best thing about France? Your motto: “the smellier, the better”? You’re at the right place! Auvergne is the dream destination for lovers of creamy delights. Your taste buds are in for a treat with the region’s array of cheeses: cantal, salers, saint-nectaire, fourme d’Ambert, bleu d’Auvergne and gaperon. And let’s not forget its delicious cheese mains like truffade or aligot!

Embrace the Auvergne architecture 

Auvergne is renowned for its wide-open spaces filled with lush vegetation but also for its century-old architecture. Get ready to be blown away by its fortified castles, picturesque towns and Romanesque churches. Our favourite: the city of Puy-en-Velay and its incredible statues and chapels perched on cloud-reaching peaks.

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