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“Brussels, wait for me, I'm coming
Soon I'm going adrift”

Brussels, the beautiful, the warm! Are you also, like the singer Dick Annegarn in his famous song, about to succumb to the charm of the Belgian capital? It must be said that the city has everything to please: charming little cobbled streets, historic buildings, sweetness of life, unusual little shops... How good it is to stroll in Brussels for a weekend 😍 . In summer and winter alike, you can admire its majestic monuments or its small cultural nuggets. All gourmet souls also rush to Brussels to taste delicious waffles, the Belgian specialty par excellence (after chocolates ). Share your Brussels getaway with your family and friends, using a beautiful Brussels postcard!

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Our postcards from Brussels and Bruges

Brussels is a very photogenic city, take advantage of it! Take your most beautiful romantic selfie on the Grand-Place, immortalize all the splendor of the royal domain of Laeken or pose in front of the Cinquantenaire…
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The essentials of Brussels


The main square

This is the essential place in Brussels. Considered one of the most beautiful squares in the world by Victor Hugo, the Grand-Place has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1998, and for good reason! Bordered on all sides by historic buildings dating back to the 17e century, it is the very embodiment of the word “splendour”. Irresistible day and night, the square is even more beautiful during the end-of-year celebrations. Adorned with its decorations, we can then say that the Grand-Place sparkles in brilliance.


Domain of Laeken

Decidedly, Brussels does nothing like everyone else. Even the parks are majestic there - in any case, you will be able to see it during a walk in the Royal Estate of Laeken, located in the North of Brussels. In the middle of this huge park (extending over 86 hectares), we find the royal castle, which hosted many illustrious Belgian kings. With its green lawns, its small paths and its large avenues, the park is ideal for many activities: picnics, contemplation of nature, or sports activities... Everything seems allowed in this magnificent park.

fiftieth anniversary-brussels

The Fiftieth Anniversary

Parc du Cinquantenaire is a place rich in symbolism. Within this masterful green space, sit the Arcades du Centenaire. These are not there by chance: these triumphant arcades were erected in 1880 by King Leopold II, to celebrate the 50e anniversary of Belgian independence. Pleasant to look at, these can also be visited. Excellent news, since, from their summit, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of Brussels! The beautiful esplanade of the park hosts many events throughout the year (sports, cultural, etc.). Don't hesitate to take a detour!

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What to do in Brussels? 3 activity ideas

Stroll through the Saint-Hubert galleries

Located a few steps from the Grand-Place, the Saint-Hubert royal galleries represent Belgian refinement in all its splendour. Inaugurated in 1847, they are among the first covered galleries in Europe. There are shops of all types: jewelry stores, chocolate shops, luxury boutiques, cafes and restaurants... Culture lovers will also be delighted to discover an arthouse cinema, several theaters, art galleries, as well as than a bookstore. 

Admire the Manneken-Pis statue

The Manneken-Pis statue (literally meaning “the pissing kid”) is simply the embodiment of Belgian humour! Located in the historic heart of Brussels, a few alleys from the Grand-Place, the statue is easily recognizable. Often, a horde of tourists flock there to try to immortalize it. Since 1619, the small bronze statuette has never ceased to amuse the gallery, with its zany side. And as the inhabitants of Brussels are definitely unique, the local tradition is to dress the man in various costumes, varying according to the period.


Take a tour of the Europe district

Brussels is more than just a charming destination. The multifaceted city is also the Capital of Europe. It therefore hosts, since the 1950s, all the European institutions, within the district of Europe, and in particular the European Parliament. A visit is therefore essential in this iconic district to admire world-famous buildings, and breathe the particularly cosmopolitan soul of the city. Unsurprisingly, it would also have nearly 30% of foreign inhabitants. 

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