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Oh, sweet Brussels! This lovely Belgian city has everything one could possibly need: charming cobblestone laneways, historical monuments, a lively atmosphere
 The capital city of Belgium is the perfect destination for a short city break. During both summer and winter, you’ll be able to admire its dignified monuments and cultural treasures. If you are a gourmet, you’ll also enjoy Brussels for its delicious waffles, one of the Belgium specialities. Share your trip to Brussels with your friends and relatives, by creating a beautiful and personalised postcard.

Bruxelles, la belle, la chaleureuse ! Est-ce que vous aussi, comme le chanteur Dick Annegarn dans sa fameuse chanson, vous vous apprĂȘtez Ă  succomber au charme de la capitale belge ? Il faut dire que la ville a tout pour plaire : charmantes petites ruelles pavĂ©es, bĂątiments historiques, douceur de vivre, petites boutiques insolites... Qu’il est bon de flĂąner Ă  Bruxelles le temps d’un week-end 😍. ÉtĂ© comme hiver, vous pourrez notamment admirer ses monuments majestueux ou ses petites pĂ©pites culturelles. Toutes les Ăąmes gourmandes se prĂ©cipitent Ă©galement Ă  Bruxelles pour dĂ©guster de dĂ©licieuses gaufres, la spĂ©cialitĂ© belge par excellence (aprĂšs les chocolats      ). Partagez votre escapade bruxelloise avec votre famille et vos amis, Ă  l’aide d’une belle carte postale Bruxelles ! 

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Our postcards from Brussels and Bruges

Brussels is very photogenic: take advantage of it! Take sweet selfies with your lover at the Grand-Place or capture the beauty of the royal domain of Laeken. Then, turn all of these fabulous pictures into timeless postcards! Click on the location of your choice to discover our collection.

The greatest places to visit in Brussels

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The Grand-Place

The Grand-Place is definitely an inevitable place that everyone should see in Brussels. According to the great French author Victor Hugo, it is one of the most beautiful square of the world! No wonder it is listed as UNESCO world heritage. Surrounded by historical monuments built during the 17th century, the Grand-Place is splendid by day, as it is by night.e siĂšcle, elle est l’incarnation mĂȘme du mot “splendeur”. IrrĂ©sistible de jour comme de nuit, la place est encore plus belle pendant les fĂȘtes de fin d’annĂ©e. OrnĂ©e de ses dĂ©corations, on peut alors dire que la Grand-Place scintille dans l’éclat.


The royal domain of Laeken

Brussels is a very original city. Even the parks are majestic, and you might realize this by yourself during a visit of the royal domain of Laeken, located in the north of Brussels. In the middle of this gigantic park (86 hectares!), stands the Royal Castle, which hosted a lot of Belgium kings. Thanks to its green lawn and grand avenues, the park allows doing multiple activities: picnics, sports, nature contemplation
 Everything is possible in this magical park!


The Cinquantenaire

The Cinquantenaire Park is a very symbolic place. The esplanade also hosts a lot of events throughout the year (sports, culture
) In the middle of this masterful green space, you’ll find the Arcades of the Centenaire. These glorifying arcades aren’t here by accident! They have been erected in 1880 by King Leopold II, in order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Belgium independency. These treasures may be beautiful, but they can also be visited! Icing on the cake? From their top, they offer an amazing view of Brussels!e anniversaire de l’indĂ©pendance belge. AgrĂ©ables Ă  regarder, celles-ci se visitent aussi. Une excellente nouvelle, puisque, depuis leur sommet, vous pourrez profiter d’une vue Ă  couper le souffle sur Bruxelles ! La belle esplanade du parc accueille tout au long de l’annĂ©e de nombreux Ă©vĂšnements (sportifs, culturels
). N’hĂ©sitez pas Ă  y faire un dĂ©tour !

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What to do in Brussels? Three ideas of activities

Wander in the Saint-Hubert galleries

Just a few steps away from the Grand-Place, the royal galleries of Saint-Hubert represent the Belgium sophistication. Inaugurated in 1847, they are one of the firsts covered galleries in Europe. You will find there all kind of shops: jewellers, chocolate factories, luxury stores, restaurants
 Also, if you’re an art lovers, you’ll be delighted to discover an art-house cinema, several theatres, art galleries and a library! 

Have a look at the Manneken-Pis statue

The Manneken-Pis statue (literally meaning “The kid who’s peeing”) is the incarnation of the Belgian humour! Located in the historic heart of Brussels, a few minutes away from the Grand-Place, the statue is easily recognizable. Built in 1619, the statuette made in bronze attracts tons of tourists. The local tradition is to dress the little guy in different costumes, depending on the time of the year. The Belgian spirit is unique!


Go the European neighbourhood

Brussels is not only a charming destination: it’s also the capital city of Europe! Therefore, Brussels hosts all the European institutions in the European neighbourhood, including the European Parliament. You should definitely explore this iconic neighbourhood, and admire buildings with worldwide significance. It’s a great opportunity to embrace the cosmopolite city of Brussels. 

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