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Go see the sea in Deauville

Deauville the sweet, the sulphurous! It's already summer and you only want one thing, to go see the sea? Set sail for the most chic seaside resort in all of Normandy! Renowned for its colorful parasols, its long promenade on Les Planches and its relaxed lifestyle, Deauville is a small seaside town popular with international tourists and Parisians alike. Renamed “21st arrondissement of Paris” by the inhabitants of the capital, Deauville has everything to please. Stroll on its famous boards and immortalize your ride with a pretty Deauville postcard.

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Like a movie star, tread on Les Planches and stroll there happily, strike a pose in front of the magnificent villas and contemplate the twilight by the sea. In short, put on a show to your heart's content in this exceptional seaside resort. Click on the place of your choice to discover our collection of Deauville postcards đŸ–Œ

The must-see places in Deauville

the rhinestoneburger house

Strassburger Villa

It is the most famous of the villas in Deauville, and undoubtedly the most majestic: we are of course talking about the Strassburger villa. This typical Norman residence bears its name well, as it does not lack brilliance. Located on the grounds of Gustave Flaubert's former farm, the villa was built by Henri de Rothschild and then bought by the wealthy Ralph Strassburger, who gave it his name. Today, this ultra-chic residence is owned by the city. 

the boards of deauville


You cannot visit Deauville without going through its famous tropical wooden planks! 650 meters long, this promenade by the sea, known throughout the world, is one of the must-sees in Deauville. Small anecdote: designed in 1923, these now iconic boards were installed for the simple purpose of allowing the ladies of the time to stroll on the beach without staining their dresses. No excuse, therefore, not to follow the Deauville seaside on these emblematic boards. 

basin morny

The Morny Basin

Located a few meters from old Deauville and very close to the train station, it will be difficult for you to miss the Bassin Morny, as essential as it is unmissable! For a gentle reunion with the sea, stop off at Bassin Morny and admire the beautiful sailboats moored in this marina. This historic port basin, which owes its name to the founder of the city, the Duc de Morny, supports the taking of photos very well. Remember to immortalize your visit with a beautiful postcard!  

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deauville must-see places

What to do in Deauville? 3 activity ideas

Discover Cabins and Boards

If the boards of Deauville are part of the city's must-sees, the famous cabins that surround them are not to be outdone. Discover this key element of Deauville, and browse the 450 bathing cabins that celebrate the biggest stars of American cinema. Johnny Depp, Sienna Miller and Cate Blanchett all have their assigned cabins there!

Stroll through the Coteau district or "Vieux Deauville"

Go for a walk to explore Old Deauville (also called the Coteau district). Located on the heights of the city, this historic district offers a breathtaking view of the Deauville of today. Take advantage of your walk to visit the Church of Saint-Laurent! Vestige of Old Deauville, this church dating from the 12thth century offers an exceptional panorama of the surroundings.

Attend a race at the Deauville racecourse

Finally, round off your Normandy getaway in style with a stop at the Deauville-La Touque racecourse, another must-see in the seaside resort! In winter as in summer, the Deauville-La Touque racecourse offers the opportunity to attend many horse races. Created in 1863, the same year as Deauville itself, this address is one of the emblems of the city.

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