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Wander by the beach in sweet Deauville

Here comes summer! You’re willing to wander by the beach and embrace the sea breeze? Explore one of France’s greatest treasure: the posh Deauville! Located in sweet Normandy, this little city is known for its colourful sunshades, its beautiful boardwalk named Les Planches and its pleasant atmosphere. Come discover the sweetest seaside resort and capture the moment with a timeless postcard. immortalize your ride with a pretty Deauville postcard.

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Our postcards from Deauville and Normandy

Just like a movie star, step onto the stage of Les Planches and stroll around this beautiful scenery. Make the magnificent villas from Deauville all yours, and fall in love at dawn while admiring the seaside. In order to pick your favorite postcard template, just click on the location of your choice Click on the place of your choice to discover our collection of Deauville postcards 🖼

Discover the greatest places of Deauville


The Strassburger villa

Discover the most famous villa of the city, and undoubtedly the most majestic one. Located on the former land of Gustave Flaubert’s farm, the villa has been built by Henri de Rothschild, then redeemed by the billionaire Ralph Strassburger. This typical norman house clearly lives up to its name. 

discover les planches from deauville

Les Planches

You surely cannot explore Deauville without stepping onto these famous planks made out of tropical wood! In 1923, Les Planches was built in order to enable the ladies to walk by the beach. This 650-meter-long boardwalk stands among Deauville’s inescapable emblems. 

the morny basin

The Morny Basin

Want to dive into the heart of Deauville? Take a break at Bassin Morny! This historical harbour basin is named after the Duke of Morny, founder of Deauville. Located just a few steps from the historical centre, the Bassin Morny simply cannot be missed.  

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deauville must-see places

What to do in Deauville? 3 activity ideas

Explore the famous Cabines and les Planches

Deauville planks may stand among the city must-sees, but the cabins surrounding it shouldn’t be missed either. Explore this important part of the city and browse through the 450 bathing huts that celebrate the greatest American movie stars.

Appreciate the splendour of the old Deauville

Wander around the old Deauville (also known as Coteau neighbourhood) and fall in love with its charm. Located on the top of a hill, this historical neighbourhood offers a wonderful view on the city. While you’re up, make a step at the Saint-Laurent century offers an exceptional panorama of the surroundings.

Attend to a horse race at the hippodrome of Deauville

Close your Norman journey in this emblematic hippodrome, created in 1863! Winter and summer alike, the hippodrome Deauville-La Touque welcomes you to attend to several horse races.

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