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A little gem located in Normandy, the town of Étretat is known to everyone thanks to its unique coast and its sublime landscapes. Located 200 km from Paris, this small seaside town is a destination of choice for a romantic getaway along the Côte d'Albâtre or a weekend by the sea! If Étretat is so famous, it is also for its vertiginous chalk cliffs, made up of an assembly of limestone layers with crazy shapes that titillate the imagination. It must be said that the city, which fascinated many artists like Maupassant or Monet, willingly lets itself be tamed, and almost instantly moves its visitors. You will have understood: if Étretat is beautiful, it is all the more photogenic! Do not hesitate to highlight your most beautiful photos of this Norman jewel, in a beautiful personalized Étretat postcard. 

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The must-see places in Étretat


The cliffs of Etretat

What would a weekend in Étretat be without visiting its famous Maneporte, Courtille or Aiguille cliffs? Whether you are passionate about hiking or simply adventurous, you can overlook the chalk cliffs without too much effort (in particular the Falaise La Manneporte and the Falaises d'Aval et d'Amont) thanks to various hiking trails. hikes. Seen from above, the landscape is even more beautiful. 


The gardens of Etretat

Bucolic parenthesis in an idyllic setting: such is the description that suits the gardens of Étretat well. Nestled on the Falaise d'Amont, this unusual place combines green nature and artistic inspiration. Created by the landscape architect Alexandre Grivko, the gardens of Étretat invite contemplation, and host several land-art sculptures. Whether you like the avant-garde or not, the gardens offer a splendid view, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde chapel

This unusual neo-Gothic style chapel is a true haven of peace, also offering a sublime panorama of Étretat and its cliffs. On the other hand, as you can imagine, enjoying its view is worth it! Put on your most comfortable shoes, and climb the many steps that will lead you to its summit. For the less athletic, it is also possible to access the monument with a small train.

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What to do in Etretat? 3 activity ideas

Hike to the chapel of the Amont cliff

Recognizable among a thousand, the cliff of Amont is distinguished by the chapel which dominates it. To get there from the beach, take the famous dike promenade of Étretat, called “Le Perrey”. Head towards the right end of the promenade: there you will find stairs, which will lead you to the Chapel of Notre-Dame de la Garde. After this little physical effort, you will finally discover a breathtaking view of Étretat and the Channel!

Visit the famous

Meet the famous gentleman burglar, named Arsène Lupin, by visiting the Clos Lupin. This typically Norman house is none other than that of Maurice Leblanc, the popular author who invented Arsène Lupin! You will discover many secrets about the author, but also about his successful character. For the most curious, several enigmas will be proposed to you, during a scenographic itinerary. 

Observe the hole
to the man

Be careful, this famous cave can only be seen from afar! No need to try to venture there. Even if this natural cavity is very intriguing, it is not without danger, and traps many inconsequential visitors each year. Indeed, keep in mind that in Normandy, the tide is strong! It only needs to rise suddenly to find itself stuck for several hours in the manhole. 

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