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Do you want to discover the French Normandy coast? If you do, you might start with Honfleur! This adorable French city may look familiar to you: it has inspired many iconic painters such as Claude Monet. Located two hours away from Paris, “The city of painters” (“Cité des peintres” in French) is the perfect destination for a short city-break. It’s also a perfect starting point if you’re willing to explore the Normandy coast this summer. If you’re planning to explore this lovely port city, you could surprise your friends or family by sending them a personalised postcard! surprendre vos proches depuis la Normandie avec une carte postale Honfleur personnalisée ! 

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Our postcards from Honfleur and Normandy

This little French gem located in Normandy is known for its charming port, captured by many painters. The city surely has many assets to offer. As a bonus, this iconic city is quite photogenic, and will give you the opportunity to amaze your loved ones with colourful pictures. Click on the location of your choice to discover our special collection from Normandy! 🖼

Discover the greatest places in Honfleur

Port de Honfleur

Honfleur’s Vieux Bassin

Honfleur old basin is a genuine emblem of the city, famous for its charming docks and its typical pleasure crafts. Located in the historic center of the town, this historical port (established for more than one thousand years) is surrounded by old stone houses with slate roofs. 

Sainte catherine church honfleur

The Church of St Catherine’s

The Church of St Catherine’s has one singularity: it is entirely made of wood! Its architecture is even more original when seen from the inside. During your visit, you will notice that the church’s vault looks like the hull of a boat! Indeed, Honfleur has a port heritage, noticeable from various places.

discover the lieutenance in honfleur

The Lieutenance

The Lieutenance is a place that simply cannot be missed in Honfleur, located on the old basin’s edge. This last remnant of the medieval Honfleur is the only remaining piece of the city’s fortifications, built during the 12th century, and destroyed during the 15th. The best way to dive into Honfleur history is to visit the Lieutenance and admire this historical monument that lived through many centuries.ème siècle et détruites au XVIIème siècle au profit du Vieux Bassin. Visiter La Lieutenance, c’est replonger dans l’Histoire de Honfleur et admirer un monument historique qui a traversé les siècles.

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What to do in Honfleur ? 3 activity ideas

Shop some iconic Calvados

The Calvados is a famous Norman beverage, created in the region. It’s an exceptional alcohol that you will find everywhere in Honfleur. If you want to taste this Norman liquor, head toward La Compagnie des Calvados, a famous cellar wine address offering more than 80 different varieties of Calvados.  

Walk along the port port historique d'Honfleur

You don’t have to feel romantic to appreciate the poetry and lovely colours of the port of Honfleur. Wander by the iconic Vieux Bassin and browse through the docks. There, admire the beautiful houses reflected in the water and capture this charming view with a beautiful picture! 

Explore the public garden

Do you crave for nature and green spaces? Then let’s head off to the Jardin des Personnalités, the biggest public garden in Honfleur which extends throughout 10 hectares! It may be a little far away from the historical centre, but it’s definitely a must-seen spot in Honfleur!

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It is very simple to create a postcard that suits you with Fizzer! Get your smartphone or tablet and install our Fizzer app (you can also access our website through your computer). Browse our collection of postcards and choose the one that fits you the most! Add your nicest pictures of Honfleur and you’re done! 

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