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Lisbon is a city full of charm and beauty. Known to delight its visitors almost instantly, the capital of Portugal is unique, thanks to its small cobbled streets and colourful buildings. Also named “the City of Seven Hill”, Lisbon is often viewed as the “San Francisco of Europe”. Located in the south-west area of Europe, it benefits from a wonderful weather – It’s the perfect place to escape from the grey every day. Tower of Belém, St-George castle… Lisbon has also its fair share of historical monuments, where you can admire the ruins of its glorious past. Are you going on a city trip to Lisbon in the next few days? Here’s our selection of the greatest places to visit in Lisbon. Don’t forget to capture your holidays with a personalised postcard from Lisbon! raw beauty, his small steep streets, his colorful buildings. There city of 7 hills, located in the South-West of Europe, also benefits from glorious weather - it is the ideal city to escape the gloom! Belém Tower, famous castle of St. George…Lisbon is also not lacking in historical monuments where to admire the vestiges of a glorious past. You go in vacation in Lisbon for a few days? Fizzer shares its recommendations of the must-see places to see in the Portuguese capital. Think of immortalize your stay with a personalized Lisbon postcard!  

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Lisbon is very photogenic city! It’s the perfect place to follow your artistic fibre during the getaway! Perched at the top of the Saint-George castle, you’ll take wonderful panoramic pictures. Remember to showcase them in a unique postcard from Lisbon. Click on the location of your choice to see our collection. 🖼

The greatest places to visit in Lisbon

Tower belem lisbon

The Belém Tower

With its Romanesque-Gothic architecture, the Belém Tower surprises and dazzles all its visitors. Built in the sixteenth century (between 1514 and 1519), the tower is simple unmissable. This historical building is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. You’ll be able to admire it from a distance or visit it! Please note that the visit is free every first Sunday of each month. Built in the 16th century (between 1514 and 1519), it is one of the unmissable monuments of Lisbon. This historic building is also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can admire it from near or far, like visiting it! Note that the visit to the Tower of Belém is free every first Sunday of the month.



Castelo Sao Jorge

You cannot visit Lisbon without seeing the Castelo Sao Jorge! Built in the 5th century by the Visigoths and then expanded by the Moors, this historical site is mainly known for the fabulous panorama of Lisbon that it offers. Located at the top of a hill overhanging the Alfama’s neighbourhood, it has a perfect spot! The Saint-George castle has a typical architecture with huge walls, and ramparts. If you’re passionate about history, feel free to explore the archaeologic site, in order to learn about the origins of the castle, while wandering by its ruins. Built in Vᵉ century by the Visigoths then enlarged in the 9th century by the Moorish people, this historic site is above all known for the superb views it offers over the city. Nestled at the top of a hill overlooking the Alfama district, it must be said that it enjoys a place of choice! Saint-Georges Castle is also distinguished by its typical architecture, its walls and its numerous ramparts. History enthusiasts can browse the archaeological site to learn more about the origins of the castle, by browsing its remains.


visit Praça do Comércio in Lisbon

Praca do Comercio

In the lively neighbourhood of Baixa, stands the Praça do Comercio - without any doubt the most majestic and beautiful square of Lisbon. It has been considered for a long time as the “door of the city” for the maritime trade, since it’s located just in front of the Tage. You’ll observe in the Praça do Comercio two beautiful monuments: the Arco Triunfal da Rua Augusta, designed to celebrate the rebuilding of the city after the earthquake of 1755, and the equestrian statue of Joseph the first, which pays tribute to King Joseph, who was ruling during the earthquake. the most splendid and majestic square in Lisbon. It has long been considered "the gateway to the city" for maritime trade, due to its opening on the Tagus. On the square, there are two monuments worthy of interest: the Arco Triunfal da Rua Augusta, designed to celebrate the rebuilding of the city after the 1755 earthquake, and the equestrian statue of Joseph I, which pays homage to King Joseph I, then in power during the earthquake. 

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What to do in Lisbon? 3 best activities

Try the famous Pasteis de Nata
Pasteis De Nata

These sweet delicacies are the symbol of the city! Even if you’ll find these delicious and addictive pastries almost everywhere, we advise you to try theAntiga confeitaria in Belem. The legend says that they offer the best Pasteis de Nata of the city! 

Get on board with
Tram 28

You have probably seen it in a touristic guide or on Instagram: the tram 28 is a symbol of Lisbon. If you’re craving for old and antiquated places and objects, this tram is for you. You will visit all the main touristic monuments of the city - which is pretty convenient, since the climbing can be pretty tiring! We advise you to plan your tour early in the morning, in order to avoid queuing. a true symbol of Lisbon. If we appreciate its old charm and its old-fashioned side, it allows above all to pass in front of all the city's must-see monuments. The other side of the coin? The wait! Like any popular and tourist attraction, the tram is a victim of its own success. We advise you to plan your tram tour early in the morning, to avoid queues. 

Rise to the top with the Elevador de Santa Justa

This architectural jewel and its Gothic style is a true marvel for the eyes! As a bonus, it offers one of the most beautiful views of Lisbon and the Tage. Built in 1902, this monument not only allows you to gaze at a wonderful scenery: it’s a journey through time and space. its neogothic style, the Santa Justa lift offers one of the most beautiful views over Lisbon and the Tagus. Built in 1902, this monument therefore offers a real time travel, more than just a panoramic view of the city. 

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Are you seeking for sunshine, change of scenery and authenticity? Let’s head to Lisbon, also known as “The City of Seven Hills”. While you’re there, don’t forget to capture the moment with a beautiful postcard!

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Our cards are personalized. It means that they showcase your own content and pictures! Put under the spotlight all your beautiful memories in Lisbon! Castle of Sao George, the Belém Tower, the sweet city-centre… All the sweet souvenirs that you’ve created in Lisbon can be highlighted in a beautiful postcard. 

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