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Lourdes, a city full of mysteries

Located in Occitania, at the foot of the Pyrenees, the city of Lourdes is well worth the detours! This small town of 13,000 inhabitants is a hotspot for tricolor tourism. Created in 1858, this pilgrimage center welcomes nearly 6 million visitors and pilgrims every year! As a bonus, the city also benefits from an extremely well-preserved natural heritage. Do you dream of escaping your hurried daily life and rediscovering the treasures of our regions? Head to Lourdes to discover one of France's most intriguing and share your discovery Located in Occitanie, at the foothills of the Pyrenees Mountains, the city of Lourdes is worth a visit. This city of 13 000 residents is an important location of French tourism. Created in 1858, this centre of pilgrimage welcomes almost 6 millions of visitors and pilgrims each year! The city also owns an extremely well-preserved natural heritage. Wouldn’t you love to run away from your daily rush and discover the jewels of our country? Book your way to Lourdes and enjoy one of the most intriguing cities of France. Don't forget to share your discoveries with your close ones, thanks to a personalised postcard from Lourdes.  

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Our cards of Lourdes and Occitanie

The beautiful destination of Lourdes is the fourth most-visited pilgrimage location in the world (after the Vatican, the basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico, and the basilica of Our Lady of Aparecida in Brazil). Send postcards from Lourdes, and be sure to send breathtaking creations. Click on the location of your choice to see our collection. 🖼

The must-sees in Lourdes

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The Notre Dame sanctuary in Lourdes

What made Lourdes such a famous place? Mainly the famous sanctuary of Notre Dame of Lourdes! Rumour has it that the Virgin Mary herself appeared in the Massabielle cave. This mythical site, and its 52 hectares, encloses many must-see monuments, among which are the basilica of the Immaculate Conception, and the basilica of Our Lady of Rosary.

discover the lake of lourdes

The lake of Lourdes

Lourdes is a world-known pilgrimage centre, but it also is famous for its protected natural space, including its celebrated lake! Do you like hiking, or just luscious green scenery? You may yet fall in love with Lourdes’ wild natural ambiance. For more contemplative nature, this site also offers splendid views from its banks, a perfect spot for photography. 

lourdes medieval monument

The Medieval Fortress

Heritage of a long history, the fortified castle of Lourdes has lived through the ages and resisted the test of time. To visit this fortress is to go back thousands of years of history and rediscover medieval way of life. Nested at the heart of the city of Lourdes, on a rocky point, this historical monument offers a gorgeous panorama of the Sanctuary and the Pyrenees.

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What to do in Lourdes? 3 activity ideas

Take the funicular to admire the view

Take the funicular and discover the Pic du Jer! Towering over Lourdes at 958 meters, this summit showcases a breathtaking panorama of the whole area, from the Pyrenees to the Sanctuary, including the lake of Lourdes and the Pays des Vallees de Gaves! Do you like to bike or hike your way around? Follow the botanical trail that starts next to the funicular!

Discover the miraculous water spring

Renowned for its natural purity, Lourdes’ springwater has led to many legends. Wrongly or not celebrated for being miraculous, Lourdes’ water has been attracting thousands of pilgrims looking to be healed every year. To discover this mysterious spring, head towards the fountains of the Sanctuary, where the spring’s water flows.

Take part in a torch-lit procession

Lourdes has many emblems, and it is also characterized by the light of its many altar candles. From April to October, torch-lit processions start at 9 o’clock at night, every night! These processions are a high point of the city life, and last about an hour, from the Cave of Apparitions to the basilica of Our Lady of Rosary.

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