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Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on one side and Spain on the other, Portugal is appreciated for its sweetness of life, his hospitality and his historical patrimony particularly rich. Today, Portugal is one of the most visited countries in Europe! 

Would you like to (re)discover all the marvels of Portuguese heritage? Whether it's the colorful capital Lisbon, of the charming city of Porto, beautiful Algarve region or the little one Madeira Island, located in the Atlantic Ocean… Portuguese treasures follow one another but are not alike, in a country marked by Moorish influence. 

Whether you are going to discover Portugal on your own, during a romantic or family weekend, take your loved ones with you! With Fizzer, you can share your getaway with your loved ones, by creating a personalized Portugal postcard.

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Want to lose yourself in front of the splendor of Lisbon, this atypical capital built on 7 hills ? To explore the islands of the Azores archipelago, a magical archipelago made up of 9 islands with volcanic origins? To (re)discover the Algarve region, its beautiful villages, its beautiful beaches?

Wherever you are, you will not fail to be dazzled! This is why Fizzer has created a collection of postcards dedicated to Portugal. Click on the region of your choice to discover the collection. 🖼

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Browse our collection of maps and select the category “Portugal”. Designed especially to enhance your stay in the Iberian region, our models highlight the beauty of Portugal and its heritage. Famous azulejos (these typical Portuguese earthenware tiles), Lisbon and its Tagus, roofs of Alfama, charming Madeira… There are so many pretty things to discover in Portugal.

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Portugal is the dream destination for all photography enthusiasts. The country, so beautiful and photogenic, is full of unusual corners and architectural nuggets. Do not hesitate to immortalize them with beautiful photographs. You can then add them to your beautiful postcard, for a personalized 100% rendering. 

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Have you gone to explore the southern coast of the Algarve, the Azores or the charming island of Madeira? Wherever you are, there is no doubt that the Portuguese charm will not fail to inspire you! So add a little text on your map, and tell your adventure. 🤩 For even more customization, feel free to experiment with different colors and fonts. 

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Located in the very south of Europe, on the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal is an accessible destination that will nevertheless know how to get away from it all! Wild nature preserved from mass tourism, historical and cultural heritage of the richest, very hospitable inhabitants... Portugal is certainly not lacking in assets. Remember to immortalize your getaway with a beautiful personalized postcard. 

What to do in Portugal?

Treasures abound in Portugal! The region is rich enough to please the whole family: contemplative artists, compulsive photographers or fans of idleness... There is something for everyone! 

The Algarve region, located in the very south of Portugal, stands out for its wild and authentic nature. Lovers of beautiful coves? Discover Lagos, Albufeira, Sagres, Carvoeiro…. 

The North region, whose capital is none other than Porto. This small town known for its wine should be worth it for itself, as it is so pretty. Crossed by the Douro River, it enjoys a certain romantic atmosphere. Ideal for a romantic weekend. 

Madeira Island as for it, it will seduce all travellers. Fans of heavenly beaches or lovers of hiking: there is something for everyone on this charming island!  

When to go to Portugal?

Portugal enjoys high temperatures in summer and mild winters. It is therefore a desirable destination throughout the year. To enjoy the Indian summer, you can go to Portugal in October. Want to taste spring before its time? See you in the Iberian Peninsula in March! If, on the other hand, you want to bask on a beautiful Portuguese beach, we advise you to wait until summer!


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