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Provence is a region at the crossroads between the Alps and the Mediterranean. This geographic position gives it a very distinctive look : mountainous areas, lavender fields, turquoise rivers and untouched marshes. The history of Provence too is a bit of a melting pot as it was strongly influenced by the Roman period and the Middle Ages. The result of all this blending is a unique atmosphere, imbued with balmy scents, warm lights and fascinating traditions. No wonder it became the muse of artists like Van Gogh, Cézanne or even Picasso. This holiday, it’s your turn to depict your best impressions of the region in your postcard from Provence. 

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What to see and do

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The Verdon Gorge

There’s no mentioning Provence without telling of one of its most beautiful treasures: the Verdon Gorge. This magnificent canyon formed by the Verdon river is none other than the deepest in Europe. You’ll be dazzled by its piercing blue waters, its breathtaking viewpoints but also by the range of activities it offers. Canoe down the Verdon river, rent a pedalo on the Lake of Sainte-Croix or try your hand at rafting or via ferrata. Idyllic surroundings to have fun and exert yourself with family or friends.

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The rocky inlets around Marseille

The calanques, or rocky inlets, are typical mediterranean geological formations and the South of France is one of the best places to explore them. The majority of them are located in the Calanques National Park which spreads from Marseille to La Ciotat, but they can also be found along the French Riviera towards Italy. So head for Marseille and its surroundings for a dreamy snorkelling session. The En-Vau, Port-Miou and Sormiou calanques never disappoint!

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The regional Nature Park of the Camargue

Halfway between Montpellier and Marseille lies one of France’s most fascinating natural regions: Camargue. This wetland is famous for its brine lagoons, reed-covered marshes and amazing ecosystem. Watch the flamingoes and the famous white horses of Camargue in the Vigueirat Marshes. Be wowed by the salt marshes in Aigues-Mortes and their incredible pink colour. And do observe a herd of bulls in its habitat, a distinctive feature of the region. 

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What to do in Provence ? 3 activity ideas

Go dramatic at the Avignon Festival 

The Avignon Festival is the world’s biggest theatre festival and the ultimate meeting place for dramatic art lovers. A great occasion to visit the beautiful Papal City as well as enjoy the best of French theatre. The official festival, otherwise known as “IN”, mainly takes place in the superb Cour d'Honneur du Palais des Papes. The “OFF” festival is just as cool and will give you a glimpse of France’s independent theatre companies!

Get a blast from the past 

Provence’s Greco-Roman past has left a unique architectural heritage behind. Indeed, Italy and Greece are not the only places where you can enjoy the influence of ancient civilisations. These monumentals remains produce a striking contrast with the modern city built around them. Go back in History and head for Orange, and its Triumphal Arch and Ancient Theatre; Arles, for its Amphitheatre or Nice for the archaeological site of Cimiez.

Traipse in the lavender fields 

Another typical feature of Provence are its famous fragrant and colourful lavender fields. They’re the perfect location to breathe in a sweet balmy air, take unique snapshots and have the most bucolic stroll. Head for the Plateau de Valensole, Plateau d’Albion, Plateau des Claparèdes or the Sénanque Abbey to make the most of this purple heaven and create wonderful memories.

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