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Summer and winter, Rome is an essential European destination, particularly popular with lovers in search of sweetness and romance. With its important historical heritage and its rich cultural life, Rome dazzles more than one. Would you like to fly to the Italian capital for a few days? Discover the emblematic places of the Eternal City, not to be missed under any circumstances. Remember to immortalize your Roman getaway by sharing a Rome postcard with your friends and family! 

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Pose in front of the famous Colosseum in Rome, stroll through its cobbled streets or make a wish in front of the iconic Trevi Fountain! Whatever your program, share it with your loved ones with a beautiful Rome postcard. Click on the card of your choice to discover our collection. đŸ–Œ

The must-see places in Rome


The Coliseum

If the Colosseum is so emblematic, it is because it dates back to Antiquity - and to the year 72, precisely! This historical monument, originally named “Flavian amphitheater”, is also famous for having hosted many gladiator fights. Today, the Colosseum, which could accommodate up to 50,000 people seated, is considered the largest amphitheater in the world. A victim of its own success, this monument attracts many tourists. To avoid queuing, consider buying a skip-the-line ticket: slightly more expensive than a classic ticket, this ticket will allow you to enter the Colosseum without waiting! 


Trevi Fountain

Appreciated by incorrigible romantics and architecture enthusiasts, the Trevi Fountain is another must-see in Rome! This true masterpiece dating from the 18th century also attracts hordes of tourists, who rush there to throw a coin. Rumor has it that all wishes come true near the Trevi Fountain. Little tip: to enjoy the fountain in peace, don't hesitate to wait until midnight to sneak in. Even more beautiful at night, the Trevi Fountain will offer itself to you entirely, and will shine, as a bonus, with a thousand lights. 


The pantheon

Another architectural gem, we of course name the Roman Pantheon! Built by Emperor Hadrian between 119 and 128 AD, this historic building is characterized by a spectacular cupola. Good news: this must-see building can be visited for free. You no longer have any excuses for ignoring this particularly well-preserved monument! You will also have the opportunity to visit the tombs of the illustrious artist Raphaël and of King Victor-Emmanuel II. For history enthusiasts, an audio guide will be offered to immerse you in the secrets of the place. 

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What to do in Rome? 3 activity ideas

Stroll in Trastevere

Known for being quite bobo, the Trastevere district charms with its relaxed lifestyle, its lively life and, above all, its good addresses. Stroll through its narrow streets and, above all, get lost! It's the best way to taste the magic of the city. You will also find many merchants and craftsmen, with attractive shops. Another significant advantage: you eat very well in Trastevere! We particularly recommend the excellent Nannarella restaurant, located in Piazza di S. Calisto square. 

Eat an ice cream at Giolitti

Want to taste an ice cream made in the Italian tradition? Head to Giolitti, a historic ice cream parlor located in the historic center of Rome. Opened in 1890, this real institution offers ice creams that are as generous as they are tasty. Only downside? Waiting, because like all good things, Giolitti ice cream has to be earned. Once inside, the hardest part will be choosing, since this emblematic address offers a good hundred flavors!

Vatican Night Tour

Popular with pilgrims and tourists alike, the country of the Vatican attracts millions of visitors every year. This is the smallest country in the world, and yet it is a must in the region. Among its many points of interest, we note the impressive Saint Peter's Square, with its beautiful columns, and Saint Peter's Basilica. Does the name of this basilica ring a bell? It's normal: this monument houses the very famous Sistine Chapel, adorned with the iconic fresco by Michelangelo.  

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What photos should you put on your postcard from Rome?

There are so many historical monuments to visit in Rome that you quickly do not know where to turn! Here is a list of activities that you can do and photograph to send a little dolce vita to your loved ones: The Palatine Hill, the gardens of the Borghese City, the Roman Forum, La Bocca della Verita, Piazza Navona, the Baths of Caracalla without forgetting the essentials such as the Colosseum or the Trevi Fountain.


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