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An exceptional land known worldwide for its wild nature and breathtaking landscapes, Scotland is an ideal destination to forget your daily life without going very far! Whether you love nature hikes, natural bays, small medieval towns or fantastical legends, this multifaceted country is sure to amaze you. Are you planning to go to Scotland soon? Do not miss to immortalize your sweet escape, with a Scotland postcard. Nature puts on a lively show on Scottish soil: this is the perfect opportunity to capture it with beautiful photos! 

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Which Scottish region will you (re)discover?

Stunning Highlands, medieval castles, lochs, cliffs and waterfalls galore: if Scotland is such a beautiful land, it is above all for the diversity of its landscapes and the raw beauty of its nature. Whatever your itinerary, there will always be a Fizzer card to enhance your epic in the land of the Loch Ness monster! Click on the card of your choice to discover our collection 🖼

3 tips for sending your card correctly

Even if the creation of a pretty postcard is a real pleasure, this task still involves a certain rigor. Be sure to follow these rules basics: 

💌 Remember to note the address of the recipients accurately. An address is never too specific! 

🏊🏻‍♀️ Write a nice text and share your travel stories. Your postcard will be all the more inspiring.

😊 Take this opportunity to hear from your loved ones. Remember to include your recipients in your message. 

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Whether you're sailing the moors or exploring Edinburgh, choose the model that embodies your stay to perfection! To do this, simply browse through our collection of maps, specially created to enhance your holiday in Scotland. 

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Are you a backpacker, a true explorer or a poet who loves beautiful landscapes? Anyway, we have no doubt that your vacation will be immortalized through beautiful shots. Don't hesitate to include them in your Fizzer postcard: you can add multiple photos to our postcards. 

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Now that your Scotland postcard is a marvel for the eyes, it's time to delight your loved ones with a nice text. It seems that traveling stimulates the imagination… To your pen, sailor! 

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Finally, remember to add the postal addresses of your loved ones. Once this is done, our teams can start processing your order. Within 24 working hours, we take care of printing, putting in an envelope, franking and posting your delicate attention. icing on the carrot cake ? All these services are included in the price of your card!  

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Are you tired of your postcards always ending up in a drawer? Offer an unusual and original object, which we will want to frame! With Fizzer, you can transform your most beautiful holiday photos into quirky postcards. 

How to create a postcard from Scotland with Fizzer?

Do you have five minutes? That's exactly the time you need to create great cards with Fizzer. Start by downloading our application on your phone (the latter is also available on computer and tablet). Then create a Fizzer account in a few seconds, by filling in some very simple information. Get your credits and browse the “Scotland” category on the app: Scottish flag, kilt (filleadh beag in Gaelic), tweed pattern, bagpipes and famous landscapes (Glasgow, Shetland, Isle of Man… you will find the map that suits you. Add photos of your trip to Scotland, tell about your vacation and presto, your Scotland postcard is finished!


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