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For many French people, summer holidays rhyme with sea, sand and palm trees. The mountain, it remains more associated with winter sports. However, it represents an ideal summer destination, less touristy, more temperate and just as pleasant. The French Alps are the perfect example of mountains where you can hike, swim and do a lot of activities. And, as a bonus, you will come back looking even more radiant than an Alps postcard! So when are we leaving?

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lake annecy canal with boats

Lake Annecy

Lake Annecy is the perfect fusion of landscapes, the best of two worlds. Here, the mountain dominates the city, with its feet in the water. A destination with a unique range of activities, perfect for holidays with family or friends. Lake Annecy is both a landmark for lovers of swimming, pedal boating, water skiing, paddleboarding, but also hiking and cycling; not to mention sunbathing of course! As for the town of Annecy, it also combines many assets: between its picturesque old town, its charming canals and its architecture mixing the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, the “Venice of the Alps” has absolutely everything to please. 

lake in the mercantour with heather

Mercantour national park

Do you want to escape into a wild and grandiose nature? The Mercantour will satisfy you! It is one of the ten national parks of France and among the best preserved of them. You can therefore easily come across locals such as the marmot or the chamois! As you hike, you can also admire the striking contrasts between the Alpine mountains and the accents of the Mediterranean. In short, a real haven of peace ideal for taking a breath of fresh air.  

boy in front of the lake of the ecrins park

La Grave and the Ecrins National Park

Northwest of Mercantour is the Écrins National Park. Its name alone lets you imagine all the natural treasures found there. Bucolic hikes where you can admire superb glacier lakes, such as the Black Glacier, and an ecosystem rich in animals such as the ibex or the golden eagle, all under a radiant sun. The opportunity also to see the Barre des Écrins, the highest point of the massif, at 4,101 meters. Finally, don't miss La Grave, one of the Most Beautiful Villages in France, all dressed in stone and perched at an altitude of 1,500 meters at the foot of the majestic Meije. 

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What to do in the Alps? 3 activity ideas

Fill up on thrills   

The mountain, with its dizzying heights and breathtaking views, is the perfect place to get a good dose of adrenaline in both winter and summer. Whether you are a novice or experienced sportsman, let yourself be tempted by the typical activities of the Alps: summer tobogganing, paragliding, hang-gliding, via ferrata, climbing, rafting or even canyoning. Unique sensations in a dazzling setting! 

Believe yourself on top of the world  

Tired of buildings that block your horizon, want wide open spaces that stretch as far as the eye can see? You have chosen the right destination. Take to the skies and treat yourself to an incredible panorama at the top of the Aiguille du Midi. The cable car takes you up the famous 3,842 meter peak. On site, it is a real feeling of immensity and the impression of being on the "roof of the world" which invades you for the greatest happiness of all your senses.


After all these emotions and all these activities, it's time to give yourself a well-deserved rest. The Alps and its pure waters have many spas where it is good to recharge your batteries. Go to Evian-les-Bains or Thonon-les-Bains to take a good hot bath with medicinal properties and spend a moment of absolute relaxation. 

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Nothing's easier ! Go to the Fizzer application, choose the card of your choice from more than 2000 models designed by our illustrators and click on the inserts dedicated to your photos. The gallery of your computer or phone will then open and this is where you choose the photos of the Alps that you want to appear on your map. Your front can be adorned with one to six photos, enough to delight your loved ones. When your images are added, click on validate to go to the stage of writing your text. Here again, customize your stamp with the photo of your choice. When your card is complete, choose your recipient(s) and you're done.

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