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Elected “Best Park in the World” and “Funniest Park”, Puy du Fou is an unmissable amusement park, recognized throughout the world. Thanks to its shows with dazzling special effects and its unique identity that dates back to the history of France, the Puy du Fou welcomes more than 2 million visitors each year. Located in Les Epesses, the VendĂ©e park is an ideal family destination, which will delight all children, young and old! Consider making your memorable stay with a Puy du Fou postcard. 

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The must-see villages of Puy du Fou


The Medieval City

Go back in time and discover the Middle Ages! If the Medieval City of Puy du Fou is so realistic, it is because it is a real reconstruction, worthy of a city from the 13th century. From its fortified enclosure to its half-timbered houses, everything contributes to making this historic city a real parenthesis in time. 


The Fort of the Year Mil

Put yourself in the boots of a Viking and set off to discover the Fort de l'An Mil, another unmissable period village in Puy du Fou. In particular, you can admire a show featuring Vikings, as well as a real hamlet with thatched roofs. As a bonus, you can admire many craftsmen at work (blacksmiths, tool makers, etc.). The Middle Ages, as if you were there! 


The 18th Century Village

Stroll through this period village where time seems to have stood still. Within the XVIII Villageth, you can admire many craftsmen from Puy du Fou (potter, cabinetmaker, blacksmith, etc.). Explore the various stone houses of the village, without forgetting to go through the barn! Its many animals are likely to amuse all children. Perfume lovers? Do not miss Puy du Fou's "La Maison des Senteurs", a real olfactory journey that offers unique artisanal fragrances. 

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What to do at Puy du Fou? 3 shows to see

The Secret of the Spear

With its many special effects and stunts, “Le Secret de la Lance” is one of the great epic shows at Puy du Fou. Wonderful for young and old alike, this show plunges us into the medieval world, featuring breathtaking knight tournaments.

The Marriage of Fire

This is the original creation of Puy du Fou, inaugurated in 2020: Les Noces de Feu promises to amaze you! This eminently romantic show tells the story of a violinist and a pianist, in a sparkling reunion. This show will seduce all poetic souls, with its multiple dances and dreamlike settings.

The Sign of Triumph

“Triumphant” sums up the spirit of this grandiose spectacle. Discover the power of the great Roman arenas through “Le Signe du Triomphe”, which reinvents the Circus Games in all their splendour. Installed in the stands of the Gallo-Roman Stadium of Puy du Fou, don't forget to immortalize this timeless adventure with a Puy du Fou postcard.

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