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Experience a very special adventure in Puy du Fou!

Discover the greatest amusement park of France! Located in the region of the Vendée, Puy du Fou is recognized worldwide as the finest park in the world, and also the most fun. Thanks to its mind-blowing shows and its unique identity, Puy du Fou welcomes each year more than 2 million visitors. Puy du Fou is a family destination in many ways, which will undoubtedly amaze your children. Turn your stay among the park into a timeless adventure, with a postcard from Puy du Fou! memorable stay with a Puy du Fou postcard. 

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The unmissable villages in Puy du Fou


The Medieval town

Step into this time-machine and discover the wonders of the Middle-Age! This historical reconstruction is so realistic that you might feel like a real troubadour. Everything in the Medieval town is built in order to make you travel in the thirteenth century. From its fortified enclosure to its half-timbered houses, everything contributes to making this historic city a real parenthesis in time. 


The Fort de l’An Mil

Turn into a real Viking and discover the Fort de l’An Mil, another unmissable village of Puy du Fou. You will enjoy fascinating Viking battles and admire an hamlet made of authentic thatched roofs, as if you were right in the middle age! 


The eighteenth Village

Wander in this typical village, where time seems to have stood still. In this villageth, you can observe craftspeople hard-working. Navigate through the stone houses, and don’t forget to make a stop at the barn, full of animals : It's a spot not to be missed by children and adults alike. 

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What to do in Puy du Fou ? 3 unmissable shows

The Secret of the Lance

With many special effects and stunts, the Secret of the Lance is one of the most epic shows of Puy du Fou. Wonderful for the young and the young at heart, this show gets you in the medieval universe, staging incredible knight tournaments.

The Marriage of Fire

You will be amazed by Les Noces de Feu, the latest original creation of Puy du Fou, inaugurated in 2020! This very romantic show tells the story of a violinist and a pianist, meeting to celebrate their eternal love. This stunning ball will surely seduce the poetic souls.

The Sign of Triumph

“Triumphal” sums up perfectly this amazing show. Discover the power of the Roman arenas with Le Signe du Triomphe, which reinvents the circus games. Once you are in the arena, don’t forget to immortalise this timeless adventure with a postcard from Puy du Fou.

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