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A little hello with a beautiful postcard from the Pyrenees

Fancy something different for your summer vacation? And if you go to the mountains? Peaceful and at the same time spectacular, the Pyrenees mountain range promises you a memorable summer. And since the scenery is quite fantastic, you might want to send a postcard (or more!) to your loved ones.

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Our postcards from the Pyrenees

There are so many beautiful Pyrenean landscapes, it's hard to decide!
To give you a little help, we present some examples.
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Where to put your suitcases?

circus of gavarnie pyrenees

Circus of Gavarnie

A true marvel of nature, this natural amphitheater measures more than 422 meters. It is home to the Gavarnie waterfall giving rise to the river called the Gave de Pau. This unique place is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is part of the Pyrenees National Park. A spectacular landscape that will make your postcard a real masterpiece.

heavy virgin mary


Famous for the sanctuary of Notre-Dame, Lourdes welcomes thousands of pilgrims every year who come to find healing, peace and comfort with the Virgin Mary. Discover the cave of Massabielle and live the experience of a French historical place like no other, whatever your beliefs. 

Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage

The roads of Santiago de Compostela 

It is at Ostabat in the Pyrenees that three of the pilgrimage routes to Santiago de Compostela meet. Join these unusual hikers sporting a shell around their necks. Join this mythical hike, and for sure, you will want to share this moment with your loved ones through a postcard!

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What to do in the Pyrenees? 3 activity ideas

Try an extreme sport

The mountains of the Pyrenees are the ideal place to try out extreme sensations. Try paragliding and observe the beauty of the landscape from the sky. If you are more into aquatic activities, book a canyoning activity… there is something for everyone in the Pyrenees!

Breathe and pause

Going on holiday in the Pyrenees is a great opportunity to take a break from everyday life and be able to breathe fresh air. Sit in the middle of the mountains, take a deep breath of the pure air they offer you, and write your thoughts on a beautiful personalized postcard! 

Go hiking

Whether you want to complete the routes to Santiago de Compostela or not, the Pyrenees hold the best hikes in France and you will never be disappointed by the splendid landscapes surrounding the many hiking trails. Click-clack! And presto, a photo for your future postcard!

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Why create a personalized postcard online? 

The reason is simple: it's so easy! Less time wasted looking for a nice card, less time spent going to buy a stamp, then mailing it… with Fizzer, you only need to send your photos online and write your personalized note. We take care of the rest ! You can choose a personalized stamp, the address to send your postcard to and we take care of sending your postcard, in an envelope, this summer. 

Can I create a postcard of the Pyrenees from my computer? 

Absolutely ! Our application has a mobile version and a web version. Whether you are at home in front of the TV or in the middle of a field (with network!) you can create your postcard very simply. This is the advantage of creating a postcard online with Fizzer and being able to personalize it endlessly.

Why will my loved ones appreciate a Fizzer card more than a classic postcard? 

A Fizzer postcard is not just a postcard. From the moment you add your photos, it becomes a real keepsake and much appreciated special attention. Your loved ones will treasure the postcard of your holidays in the Pyrenees, because what could be more touching than to receive a photo of you happy and enjoying your summer in the mountains? 


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