Postcard from the Pyrénées

Between hikes and (really) pure air

Hello with a pretty postcard from the Pyrenees

Do you feel like trying something different this summer? How about going to the mountains? Quiet and spectacular at the same time, the Pyrenees Mountains is a promise to a memorable summer. And because the scenery is incredible there, you will want to send a postcard (or more!) to your friends and family.

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Our Pyrenees postcards

There are so many beautiful landscapes in the Pyrenees, it is hard to choose one!
To help you make a decision, let's show you a few examples.
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What to see and do

cirque de gavarnie pyrenees

Gavarnie cirque

One of Nature's best artwork, this natural theater is 422 meters high. It holds the Gavarnie waterfall, mother source of the Pau river. This unique location is registered as one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. It also belongs to the Pyrenees national park. A spectacular landscape that will make your postcards look like a masterpiece.

lourdes vierge marie


Known for its Notre-Dame sanctuary, Lourdes welcomes thousands of pilgrims coming to find healing, peace and compassion from the virgin Mary. Discover the Massabielle cave and live the unique experience of a french historical location, no matter what your beliefs are. 

pelerinage saint jacques de compostelle

The Way of Saint James routes 

Three of the routes from the pilgrim hike called The Way of Saint-James (or Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle) meet in Ostabat in the Pyrenees. Join these uncommon hikers wearing a shell around their neck. Tag along this mythical hike, and be sure that you will want to share this moment with your loved ones through a postcard.

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What to do in the Pyrenees? 3 activity ideas

Try an extreme sport

The Pyrenees mountains are the perfect place to try extreme sports. Try paragliding and observe the beauty of this place from a birds eye view. If you are more into water sports, try canyoning on the river. Everyone can find something fun to do in the Pyrenees!

Breathe and take a break

Going on holidays in the Pyrenees is a good opportunity to take a break from life and take a deep and (pure mountain-air) breathe. Sit in the middle of the mountains, breathe and write down your thoughts on a wonderful and personalised postcard. 

Hike, hike and hike again!

Whether you want to walk the Way of Saint-James or not, the Pyrenees have the best hiking trails of France. You will never be disappointed by this incredible scenery. While you're hiking, take a snap! Click-clack! There you go, a great photo for your next postcard!

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The answer is quite simple: it is so easy! You waste less time worrying about finding a stamp, the post office... With Fizzer, you only need to upload your photos online and write your personalised message. We're taking care of everything else! You can choose a personalised stamp, enter the address you want to send your postcard to, and we will make sure your postcard gets on the way to your friends and family. 

Can I create a postcard from the Pyrenees on my computer? 

Absolutely! Our App has a mobile and a computer version. Which means that no matter where you are, whether it is in front of the TV in your home, or in the middle a field (with reception!) you will be able to create a postcard very simply. It's one of the advantage of creating a postcard online with Fizzer.

Why will my loved ones appreciate a Fizzer postcard more than a regular postcard? 

A Fizzer postcard is not only a postcard. From the moment you upload your photos, it become a true memory and a very kind and appreciated gesture. Your family and friends will keep your Pyrenees postcard as a precious gift, because you know, what is more thoughtful than a photo of you enjoying your summer in the mountains? 

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