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Brittany has everything one can ever hope for. The sweetness of a little port city, the splendour of a rich historical heritage, and breathtaking views, all wrapped up in front of a beautiful seashore. After a tough winter, are you longing for fresh air and wild nature? Let’s head for a tour of Saint Malo, a seaside resort located in sweet Brittany. During your stay, don’t forget to capture the wonderful spots of Saint Malo with an inspired postcard. immortaliser vos souvenirs en Bretagne avec une carte postale Saint-Malo personnalisée.

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Our postcards from Saint-Malo and Brittany

Que vous soyez un(e) habitué(e) de la région bretonne ou un explorateur/une exploratrice novice, la ville de Saint-Malo ne manquera pas de vous émerveiller. Partez à la découverte de ce joyau de la Côte d’Émeraude et n’oubliez pas d’en faire profiter vos proches avec de belles photos. Navigate between the templates of our collection in order to pick your favourite postcard theme! 🖼

Discover the greatest places of Saint-Malo

saint malo fortifications

Saint-Malo’s fortifications

How easy could it be to fall in love with the beauty of this old city? In order to enjoy one of Saint-Malo’s greatest view, take a walk by the town’s fortifications. Dating back to the 12th century, Saint Malo’s high walls offer sumptuous landscapes on the city and its seashore.ème siècle, et profitez de points de vue somptueux sur la mer et la cité. 

the privateer house

Demeure de Corsaire

In order to dive in the historical heritage of the city, don’t forget to visit the Demeure de Corsaire – or, Privateer’s Lodgings - located in the very centre of Saint Malo. Built in 1725ème , this former private mansion now stands among the city historical monuments. 

grand bé and petit bé islands

Grand Bé and Petit Bé islands

Go on a trip and explore Grand Bé, a deserted island located just a few meters from the Bon Secours beach, beneath Saint Malo’s fortifications. There, you will discover the grave of Chateaubriand, the French glorious author, native of the city. Floating by the Grand Bé, the Petit Bé is a historical military vessel, dating from the 12th century.ème siècle pour protéger la Cité Corsaire. 

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What to do in Saint-Malo? 3 activity ideas

Discover the bay on a boat ride

There’s so much to see (and contemplate) in Saint-Malo! Book a boat and rediscover the city from the sea. Admire the impressive structure of its fortifications and show off among its outstanding constructions, with your hair blowing in the breeze.

Get on board the Etoile du Roy

You’re eager to discover one of Saint Malo’s greatest frigate? Get on board the Etoile du Roy and dive in the world of privateers. This incredible vessel is the third biggest in France and can accommodate up to 120 passengers. We assure you that this visit will please children and parents alike.

Wander by the beach at dusk and dawn

Let’s head off to the Éventail to wrap up the day in a beautiful manner. You can choose to contemplate the national fort or simply stroll and whistle in the wind near the fortifications. In order to access to the beach, you can either come by the Porte Saint Thomas, or by the Sillon beach, which is just as beautiful. 

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