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All the charm of Brittany, brought together in a small port town. For this summer, do you dream of fresh air, moving nature and tranquility? We can only recommend the city of Saint-Malo, a wild setting with devastating charm. Capsize in front of the high ramparts of the Corsair City, stroll along its port and fall in love while breathing its sea breeze. think about immortalize your memories in Brittany with a personalized Saint-Malo postcard.

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Our postcards from Saint-Malo and Brittany

Whether you are a regular in the Breton region or a novice explorer, the city of Saint-Malo will not fail to amaze you. Discover this jewel of the Emerald Coast and don't forget to share it with your loved ones with beautiful photos. Browse through our collection to find the ideal Saint-Malo or Brittany postcard. đŸ–Œ

The must-see places in Saint-Malo

ramparts of saint malo

The ramparts of Saint-Malo

How easy it is to be charmed by the beauty of Saint-Malo! To enjoy a breathtaking view of Saint-Malo, take its famous ramparts, dating from the 12thth century, and enjoy sumptuous views of the sea and the city. 

the corsair residence

The Corsair Residence

The one that is nicknamed the Corsair City benefits from a rich historical heritage. Former city of pirates, Saint-Malo was, in the 16thth century, the corsair city of reference. To dive into the history of the city, do not miss to visit the Demeure Corsaire, located in the heart of the ramparts of Saint-Malo. Built in 1725, this former HÎtel Particulier is one of Saint-Malo's historic monuments. 

islands of the great. bé and little bé

Islands of Grand BĂ© and Petit BĂ©

Discover Grand Bé, a small uninhabited islet located a few hundred meters from Bon-Secours beach, very close to the ramparts of Saint-Malo. You can discover the tomb of Chateaubriand, a famous writer from the region. Not far from there, you can also explore the Petit Bé, a historic warship built in the 12thth century to protect the Corsair City. 

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What to do in Saint Malo? 3 activity ideas

Discover the bay by boat from a new perspective

There are so many magnificent places to discover in Saint-Malo! Treat yourself to a boat trip and rediscover the city from the sea. Admire the imposing structure of the ramparts and parade around its remarkable buildings, hair in the wind.

Climb aboard the Étoile du Roy

Discover the most essential frigate in Saint-Malo and embark on the Étoile du Roy! The third largest French ship, the Étoile du Roy can accommodate up to 120 passengers. A visit that promises to amaze all children!

Stroll the beach at dusk

Head to Éventail beach to admire the national fort of Saint-Malo or simply stroll lovingly at the foot of the ramparts. This white sand beach is accessible from Porte Saint Thomas or from Sillon beach, which is just as charming. 

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Does your postcard suit you? On to the text! Let your heart speak and share your feelings. Leaning against the ramparts of Saint-Malo, breathing in its sea breeze, we have no doubt that inspiration will come to you. 

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