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An announcement in accordance with the values of marriage đź’Ť

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Love, fidelity and dialogue

When planning your wedding, you should go through the invitation stage. Once the meeting place and time have been confirmed, you will need to notify your guests. If you opt for a classic and religious ceremony in the church, choose a traditional wedding invitation. Thanks to Fizzer, create a wedding announcement in accordance with the values of this act: love, long-term fidelity and dialogue. Design a sober, refined, gentle traditional wedding invitation in which the bride and groom can announce their union or… more classic: the parents will announce the exchange of consents. 

3 tips for successful invitations 🎨

đź‘° Prepare and send your wedding tickets at least 3 months before D-Day

đź“Ť Mention the important details: name and address of the appointment, date, time

đź—“ Ask for a response before a deadline

Our traditional and classic invitations

Are you organizing a classic religious ceremony in accordance with the mores and values of marriage? Create a traditional, chic and elegant wedding invitation that will reflect your ceremony: white for purity, blue for wisdom and loyalty, green for stability, gold for fertility and finally pink for romance. and tenderness.

Traditional text models

When you opt for a classic and religious ceremony, there are two ways to announce your marriage. The most common way to write your announcement is to do it yourself. The groom and the bride can write their wedding invitation, announce the place and time. If you want to do it in a more authentic way, let your two families write your announcement in accordance with codes and traditions. Parents and grandparents of both families will therefore be able to announce the festivities. 

Announcement by parents

Mr and Mrs Delalande Jeanne and Marc, Mr and Mrs Hervé Marie and Jean-Luc have the honor to inform you of the union of their children Matilda & Alexander. They ask you to attend the religious ceremony which will be presided over by Father Marc-Henri Lemois July 26, 2022 at 3:30 p.m. in the church of Saint-Symphorien in Versailles

Announcement by the bride and groom

Laura & Maxime have the joy of announcing their marriage to you August 19, 2021 at 4:30 p.m. in the church of Notre-Dame-du-Vœu in Octeville. The ceremony will be followed by a walk at the Château des Ravalet and then a dinner

The wedding mass

Aurelie and Jean give each other mutual consent  during their wedding mass  June 20, 2022 at 2:30 p.m. in the Saint-Thomas church in Strasbourg

Ready to create a traditional wedding invitation?

Thanks to Fizzer

flower bouquet chic wedding card

I choose an announcement in accordance with my values and hopes

pink thank you text

I personalize it with photos of my (future) husband and me

set of personalized wedding invitations

I send my announcements in a few clicks all over the world

How to create a traditional wedding invitation with Fizzer?

personalized postcard event card photo album Fizzer

Select a card according to your ceremony

An authentic marriage is looming? Select an illustration that will suit the ceremony: refined, classic, sober.

adding photos to a postcard or photo album

Add the most beautiful photos of you two

For a traditional wedding invitation, choose photos of the two of you: a photo as a couple, facing the camera.

personalized text with stickers

Announce your union

Write a classic text that will announce your union. To be written by your parents, your in-laws or yourselves. To close, sign with your fingertip! 

send fizzer postcard with envelope

Send your invites

Your traditional wedding invitation is ready? Select your guest list and voila! Fizzer takes care of the rest: printing, putting in an envelope, postage and sending within 24 working hours all over the world.


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Once your traditional announcement has been written and sent, all you have to do is wait for your guests' responses. Then, make way for the festivities that await you on the most beautiful day of your life! The first steps to the altar, under the gaze and moved smiles of your loved ones, the placing of the ring on your finger, the honeymoon… The best is yet to come!

An announcement in the classic format

In order to create a wedding invitation closer to tradition, opt for a square format of 14x14 cm. Fizzer allows you to create a traditional square wedding invitation folded in the middle. An illustration with one or more photos on the front, a personalized text inside. Everything is sent automatically in an envelope. 

A traditional announcement in your image

Designing a personalized invitation means being able to shape it as you see fit. Select your favorite illustration and compose with your own photos. Add memories of the two of you, vacation photos, your first meeting. Then personalize your text by choosing a font and color that reflects your ceremony.


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