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We know that children love the fantastic universe of unicorns! This mythical creature with a golden mane and rhinoceros horn on its forehead has been the dream of many children over the years. That's why we think it's a great idea to please your child with a birthday card unicorn. Find pretty sketches of this fabulous horse surrounded by a rainbow or with a horsehair colored in pastel colors. So, ready to climb on your mount and make your child happy for his birthday? Whoa dada! 

A pretty unicorn birthday card to please him 🎈

birthday unicorn card

When you are a parent, after several birthdays, you no longer know how to surprise your child for his birthday. But girl or boy, it is still possible to find original ideas that will make your birthday really great! The unicorn, this symbol of an imaginary world where children love to roam, is the perfect idea for a birthday card that is sure to amaze. 

Plus, creating a unicorn birthday card with the Fizzer app is super easy! Dive into the heart of the world of Pegasus and add the most adorable photos of your child to celebrate the most beautiful moment of your life: his birth. Choose the unicorn card template that suits you the most and that your daughter or son will like. Once chosen, you can make your child dream with a poem or a text telling the story of a mysterious unicorn living in fairyland. 

Saddle up, we're looking for a big smile on your child's face!

Our creations

You can send different types of cards to your loved ones to show them that you love them. Here are some examples of possible creations via our application: 

  • Post card : to share all your holidays with love, regardless of the destination, the price remains the same. 
  • Birthday card: to tell your loved ones that we care about them and that we are thinking of them on this very special day.
  • Greeting card: to send a positive message and share the good mood around you.
  • Thanks : to say thank you with an original word filled with love.
  • Magnetic card: to keep all your most beautiful memories on your fridge and admire them daily. 

Ready to send your first birthday card?

How to send a unicorn birthday card with Fizzer?

personalized postcard event card photo album Fizzer

A nice card template

Select a model that suits your desires and tastes! Fizzer offers you more than 2000 models designed by our illustrators especially for you. 

adding photos to a postcard or photo album

fabulous pictures

Turn your creation into a masterpiece and insert your best souvenir photos. The good news is that you can add between one and six photos! 

personalized text with stickers

A great birthday text

To make everything very original, do not hesitate to let your creativity speak and write a text that is out of the ordinary. An extraordinary text for a unicorn straight out of the fantastic! 

send fizzer postcard with envelope

A wonderful shared smile!

You have completed the creation process. Send the unicorn birthday card to the desired address and admire the smile on your child's face. It was worth it, taking 5 minutes of your time to create a personalized card. 

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Unicorn birthday card: the most original idea for a birthday 

Animals are always a big hit with children
 but unicorns even more so! That's why creating a unicorn birthday card is a really original idea to celebrate the birthday of a little girl or a little boy. Whether you are his parents, grandparents or brothers and sisters, you can easily create a personalized card. What a joy to find such a surprise in your mailbox!

Why send a unicorn birthday card?

Because above all, the important thing is to please and make those we love happy. Seeing a child's smile is the best thing you can experience as a parent. A unicorn birthday card will light up your child's eyes and bring them to life in a fantastic and magical world for a few minutes. Unicorns, dragons, mermaids
 keep these original ideas in mind for her next birthdays. Kids love mythical creatures!


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