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 Your wedding was truly the best day of your life. All the elements were there: love, joy, tears, laughter. All this, of course, you owe to yourselves but also to your loved ones. Whether they shone with their support, their good humor, their messages of encouragement or their sense of celebration: their presence on your big day was invaluable. So, to continue the festivities, how about sending them a nice card with a wedding thank you text? It's your turn to move them! 

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You do not know where to start ? Thank your loved ones with simplicity, from the bottom of your heart and tell them what touched you the most during your marriage. A simple wedding thank you recipe that works every time.

“Exceeded all our expectations”

Dear all, we would like to thank you for your presence at our wedding. It was an unforgettable moment that exceeded all our expectations. We look forward to testing all of your gifts. Tenderly, Manon and Jean 

“Satisfied from all points of view”

Dear family, dear friends, many thanks! You fulfilled us in every way on June 20th. Your presence, your smiles, your gifts, your crazy energy made this day the best of our lives. We love you very much, Titouan and Clothilde 

"Thank you for this wonderful honeymoon"

Hello everyone from Aruba, a paradise on earth! A huge thank you for this marvelous honeymoon that you have offered us. Between this gift and your presence at our wedding: we could not have hoped for better. Long live you! The Lubins 

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You always have the word to laugh? Texts that are too serious, very little for you? That's good, a wedding thank you text doesn't have to be solemn. Don't hesitate to add your touch of humor that will bring more than a smile to the faces of your loved ones. 

"We don't say thank you"

Dear all, on August 10, we went to bed at 5am, our feet on fire, confetti in our hair and our room overflowing with gifts. And for that we don't say thank you. We say a BIG thank you. You are honestly the best! Adelaide and Ishmael 

"Supported in this crazy adventure"

A few weeks after our big day, we wanted to say thank you. Thank you for your support, your presence, but also for supporting us in this crazy adventure. Between the crushed wedding cake, the sick DJ and the torn train: we thought we weren't going to make it. But thanks to you we made it! Thanks again. The Nguyens 

“Special mention to the choreo”

Hello friends, newlyweds here! Thank you for filling us up last month. You set fire from the town hall to the dance floor via the swimming pool at 3 a.m. Special mention to Louise's choreo! Don't change anything, you're on top. Justine and Loic 

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If you have a good pen and you like beautiful letters, take the opportunity to write your wedding thank you text with panache. Your loved ones will undoubtedly appreciate receiving an elegant note as a thank you!

"Nietzsche said..."

Nietzsche said “Marriage is the desire of two to create the unique”. A will to two yes, but made possible thanks to all of you. It is your boundless support that has enabled us to achieve our will and for that we are eternally grateful. Alma and Leo 

" Once upon a time... "

Once upon a time there were two beings who loved each other and thought they had reached maximum happiness. Until the day they got married and had the best day of their lives thanks to their loved ones. They then understood that happiness had no limits! THANKS. FX and Zoe 

"Rainy wedding..."

We say “Rainy wedding, happy wedding”. Yet, our marriage took place under a radiant sun, literally and figuratively. You have dazzled us with all your attention and it is very warmly that we thank you. Brightly yours, the Lefùvres  

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Do you want to personalize your thanks as much as possible? In this case, do not hesitate to send different thank you cards according to the groups of guests. Witnesses, bridesmaids, close family, providers etc. will then receive their special thanks. 

"The Best Bridesmaids"

Ladies, I take the time to thank you for telling you that you have been the best bridesmaids in the world. Thank you for the fittings, the makeup, your sense of humor, your kindness. I like you a lot. Johanna 

“A precious help during our wedding”

Dear family, now that the wedding is over, we finally take the time to say a huge thank you. Your mental, physical and financial faith support was invaluable during our marriage. Thank you for everything. Antoine and Clementine 

“Impeccable quality”

Dear service providers, we send you our warmest thanks for the services you provided during our wedding. They were all of impeccable quality and greatly contributed to the success of the day. Kind regards, Mr. and Mrs. Dufresne 


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Why send a card with a wedding thank you text?

Because your wedding wouldn't have been the same without all the love from your loved ones. And even if they suspect your recognition, they will be moved and touched to see how much they played a role in the success of your big day. So get to your keyboards to rain sunshine into their mailbox! 



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