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Celebrate their coming of age beautifully 🎉

Ah, being 18! The majority, A-levels, higher education, independance, your first job, and the right to drink grown-ups’ drinks (in moderation of course): so many new experiences which make this moment in life particularly memorable. An 18th birthday is also the occasion for a big party with friends or family, to spoil the birthday girl/boy. So, how about starting with a lovely card and an 18th birthday text? A great way to celebrate their coming of age beautifully!

Funny text

Carte d'anniversaire Fizzer et texte a l'interieur

Reaching your majority means getting responsibilities… but not only! When you’re 18, your childlike insouciance is not far away and you’re always keen to have fun. So don’t hesitate to make your loved ones laugh with a funny text! 🙈

« Finally be able to sip a nice beer »

Happy birthday big boy! Ah, I remember when I turned your age, I was so proud to finally be able to sip a nice beer legally. But don’t repeat that I’ve told you that, I’m going to look like an irresponsible uncle again! Love, Unc 

« You can finally get your driving licence »

Happy birthday hun! I’m so thrilled that you’re 18 because now you can finally get your driving licence and take me on a road trip. Haha, just kidding, I mostly wish you a wonderful day. Love, Kelly

« Fiesta… but first A-levels! »

My Charlie, I wish you the happiest of birthdays. Here’s to being 18 and living it up! Soon to come: your independence, holidays in Ibiza, fiesta… but first A-levels! You know me, never losing sight of priorities. Love, Mum

Moving text

raisons pour envoyer invitation personalisee anniversaire fille

When you turn 18 you embark on adult life and feelings start to matter all the more. You start meeting new people, you get involved in things that matter to you and you’re looking to the future with hopeful eyes. A moving text will therefore be perfect for your 18th birthday card 💖

« So proud of the young woman you’ve become »

Happy birthday Lily, your grandad and I are so proud of the young woman you’ve become. Turning 18 is important and so we have decided to take you on a great trip for the occasion. You choose the destination! Your grandma and grandpa 

« Such a cool sister with whom I share so much »

A wonderful birthday to my beloved sister! It’s so nice to have such a cool sister with whom I share so much. Thanks for making me laugh like this, and just for being here! Never change, you’re the best. Polly

« Lots of projects to come »

Happy birthday sonny! You’ve grown so much since you were 8 and playing with your dinosaur toys. Look at you now, 18 years old, straight A’s, lots of projects to come. Keep it up, we love you! Mum and dad 

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Simple text

Carte postale anniversaire Fizzer Fais un voeu

Thankfully, there’s no need to get overly elaborate to touch others. If it’s not your style, don’t write a message with limericks or rebuses. What matters is that you write with your heart! Here are a few ideas for a simple text on an 18th birthday. 📝

« Looking forward to this day very much »

Happy birthday to my lovely daughter! I know you were looking forward to this day very much and I hope it will live up to your expectations. As for me, I got you a little surprise which should help! Love, dad

« Lots of beautiful plans and projects »

Dear Aimee, I wish you a splendid 18th birthday! Lots of beautiful plans and projects are waiting ahead. Enjoy your day and see you very soon. Lots of love, your godmother

« I remember when I turned 18 »

Happy birthday sista! I remember when I turned 18, it really was a great year. For your 18th birthday I wish you many successes, discoveries, projects and especially a lot of fun. Love, Alex 


Joint text

illustration joyeux anniversaire avec bougies

When you’re 18, you create meaningful bonds, you get ready for adult life, and social relations become all the more important. Whether it’s our childhood friends, our family or people we met on holidays: the groups we are part of matter hugely. That’s why there’s nothing nicer than a joint text from a group of people who mean a lot to us! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

« Portsmouth holiday camp team here! »

Happy birthday Lexie! All the Portsmouth holiday camp team here! Here’s a joint card to wish you an incredible 18th birthday. We hope to see you soon and send you all our love. The Portsmouth team

« A card to go with our joint gift »

Haaappy birthday Marky! Here’s a card to go with our joint gift in honour of your 18th birthday. We hope you’ll like it and use it wisely. Lots of love from your best mates. 

« Keep inspiring us every day »

Dear Salma, happy birthday! What a splendid day to celebrate your 18th birthday beautifully with the family. Keep inspiring us every day with your zest for life and your successes. We love you very much, your cousins 

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Why send a card with an 18th birthday text?

Because turning 18 is a moment in life you don’t forget. A card with an 18th birthday text is the perfect way of immortalising this moment but also of bringing love, support and encouragement to your loved ones. So, ready to start your creation?

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