3rd Birthday Texts

3, 2, 1... happy birthday!

10 3rd years old birthday text ideas

Yesterday, his or her birth changed your life. Today, this tiny tot or little princess is about to celebrate his/her 3rd birthday. Soon, he or she will start nursery school.Whether it is your child or the one of a loved one, do not miss the opportunity to congratulate this toddler for his 3rd birthday. Slowly but surely, your treasure is 3ᵉ anniversaire.  Doucement mais sûrement, votre petit(e) chéri(e) leaving his early childhood and is becoming a big boy or big girl! 

In order to mark this evolution and celebrate this beautiful day properly, make sure to send to the little treasure a lovely birthday cardAnd if you’re lacking inspiration and can’t seem to find the right words to add on your card, Fizzer is here for you! Browse through our collection of birthday wishes: whether they’re cute, moving or funny, these messages will surely inspire you! 


10 message ideas to celebrate a 3rd birthday


For classical 3 years old birthday wishes

“What a big boy you’re becoming”

My darling, I wish you a wonderful birthday, surrounded by your friends. What a big boy you are becoming! Your mom told me that you were about to start nursery school… I am very proud of you my little angel and send you a lot of kisses! 

“There’s no one like you”

My cutie pie. It feels like yesterday to me when I saw you coming into this world. You are now the most beautiful princess I have ever seen. Can’t believe you’re turning 3 already! You are sweet, kind and loving: a real sunshine for your mother and I. Since you were born, you made me the happiest dad ever. Happy birthday honey. Daddy who loves you very much.

“Today is your birthday!”

Hello champ, today is your birthday! I am sure that your mother and father prepared you a great birthday party with all your friends. I hope you will have a lot of gifts! Turning 3 is quite something… Have fun! A big kiss for you! Your favourite aunt 

“You are growing up so fast”

Happy birthday big girl! You are growing up so fast. A short time ago, you were an adorable tiny tot. You are today a lovely little girl. Enjoy your day my dear (name) I kiss you warmly and hope to see you very soon.


Funny 3rd birthday wishes


““Day 1095 needs to be celebrated”

This year, you are not only celebrating your 3rd birthday little guy! It has also been 1095 day since you came into our lives! It’s a very big number. We can say that you lived a lot… I wish you, my sweet little troublemaker, a lot of love and laughs. I hope you will have a wonderful birthday 

“3 years old and already 3 qualities”

Clever. Funny. Handsome. You already have 3 important qualities my sweetheart. And you are only 3 years old! When you’ll be 30, you’ll have 30 qualities! Until then, I hope you will enjoy your birthday. I’m sending you big hugs my love. Your godmother.  Ta marraine adorée. 

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For quirky 3 years old birthday wishes

“Happy birthday to the cutest little doll”


These are some qualities that make you the sweetest girl. I hope you are having a wonderful birthday my doll. Today is a very special day, it must be celebrated. Do not forget to make a wish before you blow your candles! Love 

“A poetic birthday”

This year, for your birthday
I can’t think of anything to say
You deserve all the best in the world
Friends, candies, and cakes
Have a wonderful birthday! 


3rd birthday wishes for your grandkids


3rd birthday wishes for a boy

My treasure, it is with a lot of emotions that I am writing you this card to wish you a happy birthday. You are already 3 years old: I remember like it was yesterday all the afternoons we spent together while your parents were working! You have always been a kind and generous tiny tot. Today, you are growing up, and soon you will enter nursery school. I look forward to seeing you growing up and I know that you will be a fantastic boy. I’ll see you soon my little dove.

3rd birthday wishes for a little princess

3 years ago, a fairy came into our lives. Just like a sunshine, you illuminated our lives. We wish you a wonderful 4th year. Have a wonderful birthday. We miss you so much. Grandpa & Grandma 

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One of your children or grandkids is about to celebrate his or her 3rd birthday? Show your love to this tiny tot with a wonderful birthday card! Your angel will be delighted to keep this valuable memory throughout the years. 

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