40th birthday text

The prime of life

The perfect way to make their day 🎁

Your forties generally coincide with the prime of your life. The constant changes felt when entering adult life are more distant memories and you start getting used to a more pleasant and reassuring comfort. Turning forty often comes with amazing plans: buying a house, extending the family with baby plans or pet adoptions, evolution at work… To remind your loved ones of all these achievements, there’s nothing like a card with a 40th birthday text.The perfect way to make their day!

Funny text

carte d'anniversaire personnalisee pour meilleure amie

When you’re 40, it’s not because you’re responsible, mature, a parent or even a CEO that you lose your sense of humour, quite the contrary. So don’t hesitate to make your loved ones laugh with a funny text! 🙈

« Welcome to the forty-something club »

Happy birthday Connie! Welcome to the forty-something club. You’ll see, it’s quite nice. Can’t wait to celebrate this with you and a nice cocktail or three haha. Lots of love, Joan

« Like being 18 with 22 years’ experience »

Happy birthday to my beloved sister. Being 40 is like being 18 with 22 years’ experience! You know me, always the half-full team! Anyway, I feel like this year is going to be yours! Love, Tony 

« You’re not old, you’re vintage »

Happy birthday my love. I know you dreaded this age but think of it that way: when you’re forty, you’re not old, you’re vintage. Like a great record or a super cool leather jacket, you know! And I think you’re more handsome than ever. Your loving wife

Send a moving card

mains tenant carte anniversaire avec couple

Whether you’re wishing happy birthday to a partner, family member or maybe a close friend, don’t hesitate to show them your feelings. Personal and moving texts are always a pleasure to read. 💖

« Only 40 and already… »

Happy birthday darling! Only 40 and already a CEO, a mother of three and owner of an adorable labrador. And I’m the happiest of husbands thanks to you. I love you lots, Matthew 

« May this day be lovely »

Happy birthday to our darling daughter. May this day be lovely and full of surprises. We are proud and happy to see the woman you’ve become and love you fondly. Mum and dad

« May this longstanding friendship last »

Happy birthday to the best friend ever! I’m so happy that we never lost touch during all these years. May this longstanding friendship last much more. Have a splendid day! Vicky 

Create a 40th birthday text

Simple text

carte multi photos paysage hiver

Sometimes, less is more. No need to rack your brains too hard, what matters is to write a nice message. A card with a simple text will do perfectly for your colleague’s, acquaintance’s or even for a loved one’s birthday. 📝

« Many successes and lovely plans »

Dear Mr Gregory, I wish you a great birthday. I hope that your 40th year will come with many successes and lovely plans. Yours truly, Mr and Mrs Ascott

« I’m really happy that we met recently »

Happy birthday Eleanor! I wish you a very beautiful day. I’m really happy that we met recently through work and I hope you stay in the team for a long time. Best, Heather 

« Everything is working out »

Happy birthday Ali! 40, what a swell age. I’m happy to see that everything is working out so well for you and I bet it’s just the start. See you soon! Love, Francesca

Joint text

texte anniversaire 30 ans

When you enter your forties, you’ve had an active life for a while and are part of many groups: colleagues, hobby or sport teams or, simply, your own family. On your birthday, nothing means more than a joint text from a group of close people who matter to you! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

« From the whole of the Marketing team »

Happy birthday from the whole of the Marketing team! Thanks for being such a cool manager, we hope you stay with us for a long time. Lots of love from us all! 

« To our favourite defensive midfielder »

Happy birthday to our favourite defensive midfielder! What would be do without all your memorable passes? Enjoy your day as a family and see you very soon at the next game. The whole team

« The whole family chipped in »

Dear Helena, the whole family chipped in to give you this present. We hope you like it! Happy birthday and happy 40th. Enjoy! We love you lots. The Joneses, Wakefields and Nicholls 

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Why send a card with a 40th birthday text?

Because age doesn’t rhyme with indifference, quite the opposite. Even though birthdays when you’re 40 are not the same as when you’re 10, receiving a thoughtful card with a 40th birthday text from your loved ones or acquaintance is always heartwarming! 

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