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10 ideas of birthday wishes to celebrate his 70th birthday

One of your loved one is about to turn 70? Such an event needs to be celebrated! Whether it is your sweet husband or wife, a relative or a long-time friend, a 70th birthday needs to be immortalised. What about showing a delicate attention to your loved one with a lovely birthday card?. We don’t get to turn 70 every day… Mark the occasion properly, with a personalised greeting card. Find inspiration thanks to our selection of 70 years old birthday wishes. Whether they’re poetic, kind of classic or funny, these birthday texts will delight your close one! carte de voeux originale. Vous n’arrivez pas à trouver les mots justes ? Puisez l’inspiration grâce à notre sélection de texte anniversaire 70 ans. Tantôt poétiques, tantôt classiques ou décalés, ces messages d’anniversaire marqueront les esprits à coup sûr !


For friendly 70 years old birthday wishes

“Happiness, health and prosperity”

For your 70th birthday, I wish you, my dear friend, to continue to shine as you do. Happiness, health, prosperity and thousands of sweet memories with your family. Greetings.

“Your youth is eternal”

Welcome to the selective club of the septuagenarians my friend! Together we saw some pretty amazing things. The funny thing is, you keep surprising me every day. You may grow old, but your youth is eternal. Enjoy this day dear Luke, and have a wonderful birthday. Let’s have a drink to that soon?

“Your heart is full of wisdom”

To my most loyal friend,
I wish you to have a wonderful 70th year. Or should I say 71st? To be honest, I never know when to start to count! À cette occasion, j’aimerais te présenter mes meilleurs voeux d’anniversaire. May this year be beautiful, full of projects, happiness and health. Your heart is full of wisdom, and deserves the very best.


For traditional 70 years old birthday wishes


“Refreshing just like in your twenties”

I can’t believe you’re already entering a new decade. You seem much younger than me, your little sister!! You’re so fresh and beaming, I wish you to continue to embrace life like you do. I’m sending you my sweetest thoughts and hope you’ll have a fabulous birthday. See you soon.

“The achievement of a life full of happiness”

Celebrating your 70th birthday is like celebrating the achievement of a life full of happiness. It’s also fortunate to be able to celebrate it sweetheart! You can be proud of what you have accomplished. Today, you are living a thrilling life surrounded by your friends and family. You have the wisdom of the persons that lived, but yet your eternal youth keep on shining. What can I say, my sweet brother? I love you, and I am proud of you. Have a beautiful birthday. You are far from me, but I’m thinking about you a lot. I hope to see you soon! Take care

“A wonderful 70th birthday for my love”

To my sweet love,
It’s been 40 years now since our paths have crossed. Since then, my love for you never stopped growing. 5 children and a beautiful life together later, I look back and think to myself “how lucky was I to find you”. I love you so much, more than you could possibly imagine. I wish you to have a wonderful 70th birthday.

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For poetic 70 years old birthday wishes

“When you are 70, you need to take your time”

“My favourite pastime is letting time pass by, having time, taking time, wasting time, living life belatedly”. once said the French writer Françoise Sagan. 

What a beautiful philosophy, don’t you think? Carefree and optimistic, just like you. I wish you to have a lovely birthday. For this 70th birthday, may you find a bright future, a daily laughs and tons of love. Take care. 

“Be devoted to the people you love”

Each age has its share of pleasures.What a luxury to have time to be devoted to your passions, to the people you love, and of course, to yourself! I loved to celebrate my 70th birthday, my dear brother, and I hope it will be the same for you. I’ll see you soon. Love. Your big sister

For funny 70 years old birthday wishes

“Take it easy”

When you turn 70, you can start to relax… Children are now gone and have, hopefully, their own family life. If you are lucky, the grandchildren are old enough… so you don’t have to babysit them every week-end! I’m telling you, 70 is THE life! te A few more years and society will forgive everything to you! More seriously, have a beautiful birthday. Love.


“70 years old and still in shape”

My dear friend, the least we can say is that your age does not reflect on your look! You look much older, so celebrating your 70th birthday makes you younger somehow. I am joking around my friend. The truth is that you are showing me every day that “age is only a number” as they say. Your imperious form, your intellectual vitality, your open-mindedness… you have nothing to envy to the young generation! Take care my friend! 

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