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A birthday is something to celebrate, whatever the age! When we are young, birthdays are happy, but the older we get, the more it seems that they lose their cheerfulness. That's why if someone close to you is about to turn 70, now is the perfect time to wish them well and mark that special day with a personalized birthday card. In 100% cases, especially when one becomes septuagenarian, receiving a birthday card brings a big smile and warms the heart. It's time to make the age of 70 a little more rock'n'roll! Be creative and bring a touch of originality by choosing a birthday card design that suits your tastes, and write a text that will sprinkle good humor and joy on this special day. So, what are you waiting for to brighten the day of your loved ones with a 70th birthday card? 

Our 70th birthday cards

3 text ideas for a 70th birthday card

70 years old, age of wisdom but also of humor!

I wish you a wonderful birthday! As you know, 70, the age of wisdom, but also the age of the funny. You don't lose your humor, and that's what we love about you! Have a good birthday party. See you soon ! Lots of love.

Happy 70th birthday!

Do you know what day it is? It's your birthday ! Today, 70 years ago, you were born! Happy birthday ! You must have seen things all these years... I'm glad you're here to tell me your funniest stories. I love your energy and youthfulness so much! Who said being 70 made you old? By the way, when are we doing this parachute jump? 🙂 

Even at 70 you are still young in spirit!

Today is a very special day! You pass the milestone of 70 years, even if you will always remain young in spirit. Happy Birthday to You. I thought that a pretty birthday card for your 70th birthday would make you very happy. I'm thinking of you ! Kisses.

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Choose a birthday card template

Select a 70th birthday card that matches your loved one. You can choose from over 2000 templates! You are bound to find the right one. 🙂

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Add fantastic photos of your loved ones

Make your birthday card a real gift by adding your favorite photos. Distant memories, amusing photos or even vacation photos… let go!

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Write a humorous or classic text

Ah, the importance of writing a text that will make you smile! A birthday card is not always easy to write. Add a touch of humor or stay classic, but stay original! 

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You have succeeded, your birthday card is ready. Add the recipient's address and celebrate their 70th birthday in style. 

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Why send a 70th birthday card?

As for all the birthdays of a life, it is an important day. But one more year, each decade marks a special passage in the life of an individual. The older we get, the more we tend not to want to celebrate birthdays. But in the contrary ! At Fizzer we think every birthday is worth celebrating because it symbolizes the day your sweet smile first brightened the day of your loved ones. So even when you are in your 70s, the smile of your loved one brings you joy and happiness. It is therefore important to remember him and wish him a happy birthday with a 70th birthday card! Wishing a happy birthday to someone you love will make them happy. Want to wish a happy birthday to a loved one? Test Fizzer!

Can I send a birthday card in advance? 

Absolutely ! You can schedule the sending of your birthday card in our Fizzer application. That way, you can be sure it arrives on time for a loved one's birthday. 

What to write on a 70th birthday card? 

You may be wondering “what birthday texts to put on a 70th birthday card”? It's not always easy to find the right birthday wishes or the right birthday text to write on a birthday card to wish a loved one a birthday. You will find ideas for original texts on our website which will guide you in writing your card. However, here are 3 little tips for a 70th birthday card text: 

  • Be funny. Add a touch of humor to your birthday card. A little humor is always nice! 
  • Try to be original in your birthday message. Put yourself in your loved one's shoes and write something that you yourself would like to read on your 70th birthday. Growing old loved and pampered by loved ones is pure happiness.
  • Tell her you care about her. A dose of love included with your card is the most beautiful thing you can give to a loved one for their birthday.

Do you want to deliver your card in person? Organize a beautiful day for him and attach your card to a birthday present or offer it on the occasion of the birthday cake.


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