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Immortalize nice moments, choose a template and personalise your postcard with your own photos. You can do it for many occasions: travels, birthdays, weddings etc.


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Once you have added your photos, color your text and select the font of your choice. Personalise your stamp with a photo and sign with your fingertip!

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10 text ideas for a girl's birthday

Is it going to be your daughter's birthday and you're looking for fun ideas of texts to write on the birthday card? You're at the right place! We know how important it is to put a smile on her face on this very special day. If you are a parent, a grandparent or a friend you will find an original text idea. 🎉

Discover also all of our texts ideas for birthday cards here


A text for a girl from parent to child

"My beloved daughter, you're growing up so fast! We're going to celebrate your 9th birthday with all of your friends during a nice birthday picnic. Daddy and I have a big surprise for you. Happy Birthday Emilie 💖"

"Laury, Happy Birthday from Mum and Dad. We hope you love your presents! You are our sunshine. We love you so so much."

"Happy Birthday little princess! I can't wait to see you blow your 10 candles during your birthday party. I'm going to bake your favorite, a chocolate cake! I love you so much 💛"

A text for a girl from grandparent to child

"Happy Birthday from Grandma and me. For your 12th birthday, we decided to offer you some money, so spend it as you wish for your birthday. Be careful not to eat too many sweets! Big kisses. Lots of love xx"

"My little Maud, we wish you a very Happy Birthday! We, me and grandpa, would have loved to be here with you and squeeze you tight. You are so big already! We can't wait to see you. Take care of yourself. Love xxx"

Ready to write your girl birthday message?

A text for a girl from friend to friend

"Happy Birthday Laura! 😘😘😘 You are my best friend and I can't wait to be at your birthday party. You're such a gem! Big hugs and kisses xxx Marie"

"Happy Birthday my friend! Today you're the prettiest (everyday actually) 💕 Can't wait to go on holidays together this summer. Kisses xxx 😍"

"Hiiii Lolita! Today is your birthday, so Happy Birthday! With my mum's help, I baked you a cake for your party. 👩‍🍳 We will add the 12 candles and you will be able to blow! See you Saturday. Xxx ❤️"

A classic text for a girl

"Happy Birthday lovely! One more year, one more year being happy with you. 🤩 I'm thinking about you today on this special day. You're awesome, stay as you are! 😉 Big hugs. Xxx"

"Hello you! Someone told me that today is your birthday... I'm sending you then a little birthday card with a little surprise inside. Hope you like it. I wish you a very Happy 13th Birthday. Take care. 😻"

Birthday text card

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Why write an original birthday text for a girl's birthday?

A smile on a girl's face is the result of a great birthday card! To do so, it's important to write an original message that will transform a simple card in a true bonus. Choose from our text ideas for your daughter's birthday, you have so much to choose from! 

How to create a birthday card for a girl with Fizzer?

Choose a card design from our selection, add your most beautiful souvenirs and photos to add that great personal touch, and write your message at the back of the card. You can choose the font, the colour, stickers and also emojis. Personalised you said? Absolutely! That's what we love about Fizzer, you are free to create a birthday card you actually love. 

Fizzer, the best online personalised birthday card service

Since love has no limits, Fizzer allows you to send your birthday cards overseas. The price stays the same, and your loved ones will appreciate this gesture so much, especially if they are far away. Stay close to the meaningful people of your life during important moments like birthdays. 

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