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Do you remember your biggest laughs? Those that start with a little absurd word, those that we share with our loved ones. You know, that moment when our eyes meet and everything goes into a spin. We cry with laughter, we can't stop. Believe us, a good dose of laughter for his birthday, it feels good. So, what about making your loved ones smile on this special day? At Fizzer, we have what you need: from the nice little joke to the pun. Find it birthday card humorous which will trigger the expected emotion in its recipient. And then, if you also laugh in passing, so much the better! Smiling is good for your health. 😉

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A loved one is celebrating their birthday soon? Make him smile!

A little touch of humor

3 text ideas

happy birthday old man

Happy birthday my old man! And yes I know, like every year, you're only a year older than me but I can't help but remind you that you're the oldest of us. But you know that I allow myself because it does not show at all. X years and you're still fresh as a roach! What is your secret ? To have great friends like me in any case, that must help ;). Big kisses and happy birthday again 'papi'.

When I think that I've supported you for 20 years

Happy birthday scoundrel! When I think that I've been supporting you for 20 years, I tell myself that it's me who should say 'congratulations'! Hehe, I'm kidding, of course. You know that I love you and that without you I would be nothing. Never changes !

Happy birthday to my cool daddy!

Happy birthday to my cool daddy! A nickname that suits you so well since at 60 you are cooler than ever. What will it be like at 90? I wish you lots of rock concerts to come, motorcycle trips, trips with mom and so on. I'm kissing you strongly.

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📖 Add your friend's birthday to your Fizzer address book. A reminder will be sent to you 1 week before the date. All you have to do is send your card so that it arrives on time. 

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How to create a humorous birthday card?

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Choose a card that you find funny

And who will make him or her laugh, that's the most important thing! Word games, everyday situations, a little joke, there is something for everyone.

adding photos to a postcard or photo album

Add your own photos

This is where you can make people laugh. Have fun! Get out the childhood photos, the hilarious memories, folders, photos of you. The only watchword: humor.

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Personalize your message

Bring out the comedian in you. Wish a happy birthday and take the opportunity to place a nice little joke. 

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Send your card in a few clicks

Your humorous birthday card is finished? It's time to send it! Fizzer prints, puts in an envelope, franks your card within 24 hours, and sends it all over the world.


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