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The summer is already here! Sun is shining, birds are singing, and you want to get the most out of it. Are you planning to go on an european adventure with your lover ? Maybe you’re preparing a family trip in the mountains, or planning to wander on the French coast by yourself? No matter what your situation is, Fizzer offers you a selection of text that you can copy and paste directly on your postcard, if the inspiration is missing! 

Postcard texts for your city break or holiday by the sea

“The coastline is gorgeous” 

Ola, como vai voce? We are having a wonderful time in Portugal. After spending a few days in Lisboa, we’ve just arrived in Carvoeiro, in the region of Algarve. The coastline is gorgeous and the beaches aren’t crowded at all! It’s a real paradise that we can call our own! Is everything good for you in Nice? We’re thinking about you a lot, take care! X

“I am going to visit the Coliseum tomorrow”

Ciao Bella! Como sta? As you can see, I am here in Roma! This city is incredibly beautiful. Time itself seems to have stood still. Tomorrow, I am getting up early – It is the only way to avoid the tourists – to visit the Coliseum! Yesterday, I followed your advice and went to the Trevi fountain at midnight. You were right, with the lights it is even better! I am still hoping to meet my mysterious Italian soulmate, off an alleyway… Big kiss and see you soon!

“The weather is stunning in New-York”

Hi guys, what’s up? Isn’t it too hot in Paris with the heatwave? Here in New-York the weather is stunning, we’re wandering a lot around the streets (even a bit too much for the kids!). The Big Apple is especially photogenic, it’s a real pleasure. This afternoon, we’re having a picnic in Central Park and will then visit the Empire State Building! We heard that the view is astonishing there. We might go for a ride in Broadway tonight if the kids aren’t too tired! Love

“Greetings from Biarritz”

Greetings from Biarritz! I hope you’re having a nice weather in Toulon? As for me, I’m really enjoying my time here. The family home is gorgeous, and the landscapes are as beautiful. We can see the Spanish lands from the beach downstairs. Also we can do a lot of sports: tennis, surf… there’s a lot to do! I look forward to see you again, take care!

“Tomorrow night, we’ll have dinner at La Croisette”

Hi guys! How’s everything in Lille? We’ve just arrived in Cannes to pay (name) a visit. As always, the gentleness of the city has charmed us. We’ll have a swim in the sea if the weather gets better - for now, it’s been pretty cloudy. And tomorrow night, we’ll have dinner at La Croisette, yummy! Kisses from Grandma and Grandpa!

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Postcard texts for your holiday in the mountains or the countryside

“The view of the Mont-Blanc is stunning”

Greetings from Megève! How are you doing dear Grandpa? We’re spending a few days in your hometown with (name), to breathe the fresh air from the mountains. The city has changed a lot ! However, the view of the Mont-Blanc is stunning! We’re thinking a lot about you and look forward seeing you.

“We are going to wander next to the mottets”

Hi Mum and Dad! I’m here in Chamonix, it’s a real change of scene from Paris! The sun is shining, Grandma is always in the garden having a sunbath. Grandpa, as usual, is reading a lot of books. Uncle (name) is supposed to arrive next Monday. If he’s still up for it, we’re going next week to climb a bit around the Mottets, to enjoy the view. Everything is OK at home? Love

“I really needed some fresh air”

Hello dear (name), how are you? As you can see, I’m enjoying my homecoming. I really needed some fresh air, so I took the kids in our family house in Anjou. It’s their first stay in the region, (name) loves the bucolic walks, and the hide-and-seek games in the garden. If the weather is good tomorrow, we will visit the Mediterranean garden of Le Clos des Vignes. How are you doing in Bordeaux? I really look forward to seeing you, take care!

“Le lac d’Annecy est si beau"

Coucou mamie, tout se passe bien à Marseille ? Je viens d’arriver dans la charmante ville d’Annecy avec ma chérie. Le cadre est si romantique et le lac d’Annecy si beau et clair… Je comprends mieux pourquoi la ville est surnommée “La Venise des Alpes”. Ici il fait beau et chaud et les activités ne manquent pas sur le lac d’Annecy ! Ce matin nous avons entamé notre journée par un petit tour de pédalo sur le lac. La vie, la vraie ! On t’embrasse très fort tous les deux et on espère passer te voir très bientôt

“I’m sending you love from Lubéron”

How are you doing dear (name)? I’m sending you love from Lubéron where I am staying with my in-laws. They are so welcoming, it is a real pleasure! Tomorrow, we are going to the National Park to go hiking. Everyone is an explorer here! Have you heard about the “Colorado provençal” in Rustre? I didn’t know at all but it is fabulous! It just looks like Utah in USA, no kidding… Lot of love and kisses

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This summer, you’re going to the beach with your lover, hiking in the mountains with your family, or enjoying the countryside with your friends? However, you will clearly enjoy your holiday. Let’s make them memorable with beautiful pictures and personalised postcards!

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Fizzer has only one commitment : make your greatest summer pictures turn into timeless postcards, almost instantly! The steps are quite easy: you only have to download the Fizzer App on your smartphone or digital tablet. In a few clicks, you will surprise your family or friends, with unique postcards. 

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C’est fait ? On vous laisse ensuite ajouter quelques petits mots doux à vos proches (si vous manquez d’inspiration, n’oubliez pas de vous aider de notre sélection de texte carte postale été !). Signez, créez votre timbre, et ajoutez, enfin, la liste des destinataires. 

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