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This year, like all the others, a candle is added to the birthday cake. Your mother, daughter, best friend, sister, wife or cousin will soon celebrate the day of their birth. Yes, we have to celebrate! You're racking your brains to find THE gift that will please her? Stop it, we've found the solution and we can assure you that she won't expect it.

How about sending her a pretty card with your photos and best memories? So yes, you can opt for a traditional floral card, with hearts, butterflies and sequins but Fizzer doesn't stop there! Hundreds of cards for all tastes are available on the app.

Follow us through these women's birthday cards. You will certainly find yours to wish her a happy birthday or organize a nice surprise birthday!

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I select a card from hundreds and add my own photos

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I customize my text with my favorite font and color

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Make her happy with your first birthday card

Our "happy birthday" cards

Postcard with sunflower and three photos
Is it gluten free
Birthday card for 30 years old
Queen of the day
Postcard for 21 years old
Characters dancing on a green background

Our invitations

Postcard with pink donuts
Palm trees in front of a pink and orange sky
Blue illustration with stars
Pink flamingos with birthday hat
White and gold card with champagne
Birthday card with a mother

The major milestones of life

20 years old illustration

10 years old

21 years old illustration

21 years old

30 years old illustration

30 years old

40 years old illustration

40 years old

50 years old illustration

50 years old

60 years old illustration

60 years old

70 years old illustration

70 years old

80 years old illustration

80 years old

90 years old illustration

90 years old

100 years old illustration

100 years old

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How to create your women birthday card?

Orange invitation with 30 years old candles
Choose your favorite postcard

Do you want to surprise a woman you know with a card for her birthday? Choose your model from more than a hundred: girly card, humorous, invitation, tens,...

Humoristic card with vintage quote
Select your best photos

Fill your woman birthday card with photos that will bring back pleasant memories: childhood photos, holidays, parties, family... Have fun, the cards can contain up to 6 photos!

Custom stamp on a postcard back
Write and customize your message

Surprise her with words that will warm her heart: nostalgia, love, thanks, kindness, humour... anything is possible to make the women around you smile! Then customize your text with the font, the color of your choice and add emojis.

Happy beersday card with an envelope
Surprise when the mailbox opens!

Is your card finished? It is stamped and sent in an envelope within 24 business hours worldwide. Send your card to one or more people and make them happy when the mail opens!

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One more candle on the cake, one more! And every year, it's the same thing "What will I offer to her?" "What will make my sister happy on her birthday?". A custom postcard with your photos will hit the mark. With Fizzer, create and customize a woman birthday card in just a few clicks. There is nothing better than nice photos to surprise women around you. How to do this? Which card to choose? How can I surprise her? Follow the guide!

What birthday card should I send to a woman?

Some will tell you to send a card with flowers, a card with hearts, animals etc. Why don't you just send a card with your photos? Drop the pictures and design a card that she will like: a simple photo, a multi-photo card that can hold from 1 to 6 photos. Do you want more fantasy? Opt for an illustrated woman birthday card: landscapes, abstract, humor, you will find the card that suits you and for all ages. Fizzer has created humorous cards, invitations but also cards dedicated to the milestones of life: 18 years, 20 years, 30 years... 100 years, and if you need a card that goes beyond the centuries, send us a short message at hello@fizzer.com !

How to surprise with a birthday card?

So yes, you can do it simply and send a card with a simple "Happy Birthday". Otherwise, you can be original with these few tips.

Tip number 1: send her as many cards as candles with a different memory each time that recounts your moments together

Tip number 2: invite your friends to send a card to crack her mail box

Tip number 3: send her a nice card and offer her a credit pack for her future trips, holidays, birthdays and other events.

Which text can I write on my woman birthday card?

Are you lacking of inspiration? Fizzer gives you three text ideas to write on your card. Of course, these messages also apply to men!

"Today, you are the queen! Take time for yourself, enjoy your day, do whatever you want... because it's your birthday! Happy birthday to you!"

"Twenty years ago, you told me: Will we always be together when we grow up? The answer is yes! Always by your side and especially on this special day. Happy birthday to you!"

"Happy birthday! The year 1980, a great vintage! Who would have thought that such a unique person would ever be born? You are like wine and cheese: you improve with time."

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