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This year, like all the others, a candle is added to the birthday cake. You, your mother, your daughter, your best friend, your sister, your wife or your cousin will soon celebrate the day of his birth. Yes, it's celebrating! Are you racking your brains to find THE gift that will make him happy? Stop everything, we found the solution and we can assure you that she will not expect it. The secret ? A woman's birthday card!

How about sending him a nice card decorated with your photos and your most beautiful memories? So yes, you can opt for a traditional floral card, with hearts, butterflies and glitter, but Fizzer doesn't stop there! Hundreds of cards for all tastes are available on the app.

Follow us through these woman birthday cards. You will find yours for sure for him wish a happy birthday or organize a surprise birthday party!

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How to create your wife birthday card?

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Select the card of your choice

Do you want to surprise a woman you know with a card for her birthday? Choose your model from more than a hundred: girly card, humorous, invitation, tens...

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Choose your best photos

Dress up your wife's birthday card with photos that will bring back pleasant memories: childhood photos, vacations, parties, family... Go ahead, treat yourself, the cards can contain up to 6 photos!

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Write and personalize your messages

Surprise her with words that will warm her heart: nostalgia, love, thanks, benevolence, humour... everything is good to make the women around you smile! Then personalize your text with the font, color of your choice and add emojis.

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Your card is finished? Hop, it is stamped and shipped in an envelope within 24 working hours and this, worldwide. Send your card to one or more people and make people happy when they open the mail!


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One more candle on the cake, one! And every year, it's the same thing “What am I going to give Madame? », « what will make my sister happy for her birthday? ". We tell you: a personalized postcard with your photos will hit the mark with women (and men for that matter!). With Fizzer, create and personalize a woman's birthday card in just a few clicks. Nothing better than a gift in your image to surprise the women around you. How to do ? Which card to choose? How to surprise her? Follow the leader !

Which woman's birthday card to choose?

Certains vous diront d’envoyer une carte avec des fleurs, une carte avec des coeurs, des animaux etc. Et si vous envoyiez simplement une carte avec vos photos ? Faites tomber les clichĂ©s et concevez une carte qui lui plaira : une photo simple, une carte multi-photos pouvant accueillir de 1 Ă  6 photos. Envie de plus de fantaisie ? Optez pour une carte anniversaire femme illustrĂ©e : des paysages, de l’abstrait, de l’humour, vous trouverez la carte qui vous convient et ce, pour tous les Ăąges. Fizzer a crĂ©Ă© des cartes humoristiques, des invitations mais aussi des cartes dĂ©diĂ©es aux jalons de la vie : 18 ans, 20 ans, 30 ans
100 ans, et si vous avez besoin d’une carte qui dĂ©passe les siĂšcles, envoyez-nous un petit message Ă  hello@fizzer.support !

How to surprise with a birthday card?

So yes, you can keep it simple and send a card with a simple "Happy Birthday". Otherwise, you can be original with these tips.

  1. Send him as many cards as candles with each time, a different memory that traces your moments together
  2. Invite your friends to send a card to crack their sweet words mailbox on D-Day
  3. Send her a cute card and give her a pack of credits for her future trips, vacations, birthdays and other events.

What text to write for a woman's birthday?

Do you lack inspiration? Fizzer reveals three text ideas to put on your card. Of course, these messages also apply to men!

  1. “Today, you are the queen! Take time for yourself, enjoy your day, do whatever you want
 because it's your birthday! Happy birthday ! »
  2. “20 years ago, you said to me: will we still be together when we grow up? The answer is yes ! Always by your side and especially on this special day. Happy birthday ! »
  3. " Happy birthday ! The year 1980, a sacred vintage! Who would have thought that such a unique person would one day come into the world? You're like wine and cheese: you get better with time. »

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