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A New York postcard for the whole family

New York is a child's dream! Why not make it come true and spend the best holidays of your life? This huge city will offer you an unforgettable holiday and you will love to walk in its crowded streets. Yellow taxis, business men and Statue of Liberty... here's a sneak peek of what's waitinf for you on the East Coast of the US. PS: New York really deserves an original postcard for the whole family! 

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Must-see in New York

statue liberty new york

A gateaway to the Statue of Liberty

This 93 meters-high statue is the New York symbol. Located on Liberty Island, it symbolizes freedom and was built in 1875 in France. Enjoy a boat ride to have a look at it from the ocean. Get your camera out, you can't do more New York than this! 

central park new york

A gateaway to Central Park

Who never dreamed of seeing Central Park? Sit on a bench, watch the birds and breathe in the pure air that those hundreds of trees are providing. You think it's a small park? Nope, Central Park is 341 acres big. Ready for a big walk?

times square new york

A gateaway to Times Square

Located in the heart of Manhattan, this part of the city is emblematic. The old New York Times's HQ was located there and it got named after it. Walk around in one of the most animated places in the world and use the numerous lights to take some street portraits for your New York postcard.

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What to do in New York? 3 activity ideas

The Empire State Building 

Built in 1931, this 102 levels building is a must-see during your New York holiday. You will love seeing the famous tower the gorilla King Kong climbed in the film 1933. Instant crush! 

Wander in SoHo 

Fancy neighbourhood, you have to spend a few hours there! Luxury boutiques, creators shops and paved streets, it is the perfect place to go shopping and buy some souvenirs! Take a few photos of this unique place for your New York postcard. :) 

Comedy musicals in Broadway

Book some tickets for a comedy musical in Broadway to enjoy New York. More than 40 theatres, with more than 500 seats each. Seeing a comedy musical in Broadway is living the New York experience to the max. It's a magical moment! 

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If you don't feel inspired to write an original message for your postcard during your holidays, discover our text ideasYou will find a message that looks like your holidays and it will put a smile on your loved one's face.

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